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Woman Sets Up Hidden Camera In Her Room, Catches Male Roommate Scratching His Genitals With Her Toothbrush. (Photos)


A lady put up a hidden camera in her room because she suspected her male roommate is stealing from her, but instead catches him scratching his genitals with her toothbrush.

The woman, who gave her name only as Sarah, told 9 Honey how she caught her male housemate rubbing his genitals on her toothbrush after becoming suspicious that somebody was going into her room.

Sarah, 28, said her horrifying experience started after she and her boyfriend found another couple looking to house-share on website Trade Me.


After a few months living together, she began noticing that things were moving around and suspected the female housemate was coming in to use her beauty products.

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But when the housemate denied entering her room, she and her boyfriend began putting a shoe behind the door, knowing it would move it the door was opened. Sure enough, every day the shoe moved from its spot.

Determined to catch the make-up thief, Sarah then bought a webcam and set it up in the corner. At first, the camera caught exactly what Sarah intended it to – her female roommate coming into her room and using her things.


But what it captured next that will haunt everyone that watches the footage. Her male housemate can be seen coming into her room, going into her bathroom, and pulling his trousers down in the corner.

The man then stands there for around 20 seconds without moving, before his hand reaches out and takes a toothbrush from above the sink.

He then moves it over toward his crotch and out of shot, before replacing it moments later and walking out. She said they moved out a day later, having bought new toothbrushes, but did not mention if the landlord or police decided to take any action.

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