Thursday , April 26 2018


Pammi and Mitali started questioning Daadi over the stolen CD, as they were talking about something going to happen. Ronnie stops everyone to talk in between, Daadi also bows her head.

On being questioned by Raj, Tanu said that she doesn’t know anything about this. Ronnie calls her illiterate and Tanu replies that she is educated. Mitali questioned Tanu about the reason she wants to go to office.

Daadi asks her to tell the truth, and what was that CD which Daadi just seen in the bag of Tanu. Ronnie took the CD and starts playing it. It turns out to be the duplicate CD.

Meanwhile, Bulbul noticed that song is well going viral on the internet. Jhanki comes and informs Bulbul about unwellness of Sarla.

Pragya insights to make Aaliya accept that she has stolen the CD music and sold it to someone else and pretended to have lost it.

Aaliya tells her to stop blaming her without proofs and tells Abhi to not trust Pragya as he is the brother of Aaliya and started her emotional blackmail to Abhi. Pragya tells that she have millions of reasons to store and sell the CD for money, as Aaliya doesn’t have any money with her at that time.

Aaliya again insists that she doesn’t want any royal lifestyle and the CD must be in her room only. Aaliya insists that she will check her room herself and wouldn’t allow Pragya to do that.

Abhi told her to let Pragya check the room. Tanu tells everything to Aaliya privately, Pragya was searching for the demand draft to get a sufficient proof against Aaliya.

Tanu gives hints to Aaliya to take and hide the Demand Draft with her, Daadi asks everyone to search for the CD, Meanwhile Aaliya hides the Demand Draft under her bed when she sits on the bed.

Pragya notices that and asks her to get up from the bed as she need to check under the mattress but Aaliya refuses as she is tensed now and says she is feeling drowsy and wants to sleep, Abhi insist her to get up now.

Abhi is shocked to see the cheque as Aaliya went up from the bed. Abhi says, “10 Crores” and gets suspicious about Aaliya. Abhi asks her about it, but Aaliya remains speechless. Abhi slaps her hard.

Abhi tells Aaliya that she would have asked him for money, and he would have given her. He tells Daadi that he gets love from his fans and betrayal from his family. Aaliya says this is his cheque. Someone offered him money about the music deal. Raj says Aaliya is lying and didn’t tell him anything.

Abhi question her about his music CD and demands her to tell him as to where it is. Aaliya makes up lies and claims that people saw her placing the CD in her cabin and it is the proof that she has not stolen the CD.

Hearing this, Pragya decides to get all the CCTV footage of the office and says Aaliya has stolen it and that it might be recorded in the CCTV footage. She asks Ronnie to go and bring 3 days CCTV footage in order to show it to Abhi and prove Aaliya is guilty.

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