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Seema tells Prabhu that even her father had washed his feet and asks if he has forgotten. Seema then says does the tradition change over years. Shail says to leave the washing of the feet and they don’t have to follow it. Mandy agrees with Shail.

Mausi then tells Shail that in a marriage the groom is considered to be Vishnu and the bride as Lakshmi. She then explains it to Akash too. She says don’t they also wash the idols then that’s why the groom’s feet is washed too and that’s what she has been taught.

She tells Akash not to tell her he hasn’t heard of it and Akash says he has no problem doing it. Gunjan and Rachna get ready. Rachna tells Gunjan is looking beautiful and Gunjan says that a lot of guys will become lovers looking at Rachna.

Gunjan then asks the stylist where is the sardar referring to Vihaan and she says not to mention his name as she wouldn’t have let him go if not for his sick mother and blind sister. Gunjan and Rachna are amused hearing this and laughs.

Dholu comes and tells Gunjan that the procession has arrived and Gunjan tells Dholu he looks handsome. Rachna says she will see what is happening and Dholu says that Akash is about to wash Mayank’s feet.

Gunjan and Rachna are shocked. Gunjan says it’s nonsense and its really sick and asks how can her father wash Mayank’s feet and that she is going out. Rachna says to promise that she won’t go out till she tells her to.

The water and the tray are brought. Seema tells Mayank to sit down. Shail looks upset. Akash bends and tells Mayank to remove his shoe when Mayank stops him and says that he should welcome Akash as he has already welcomed him into the family by agreeing to the wedding.

Mayank says that the elders are like God to them and that he is Gunjan’s father and also his father. Mayank says with the changing times, it is time to change the traditions too and that he will wash Akash’s feet. Seema, Mausi and Sangeeta are shocked.

Akash refuses but Mayank insists and Seema tells him not to. Mayank says that he will do it and that with time things change for the better. Mayank says that the traditions should be changed with time and if the traditions didn’t change then Seema wouldn’t be standing with him today as traditions say that women are not allowed to be in the wedding procession.

He also says that even Mausi shouldn’t be there and that traditions use to say that drinking water in a girl’s in-laws house is a sin but that doesn’t happen anymore. Akash still refuses but finally agrees.

Mayank washes his feet and Akash hugs Mayank. Shail is happy with Mayank and pats him. Sangeeta tells Seema that Shail looks so proud and happy and that she hasn’t heard that a son-in-law washing the father-in-law’s feet and that she feels that they (Shail, Dayal and Akash) are more from the groom’s side than them.

Seema says they will see how they escape for long. Vihaan comes into the dressing room. The designer gets angry at him and asks did he see the time that he is late. He says he took a long time getting ready. She says why was the need for him to wear a suit as it’s not his relatives wedding.

She tells him to wait and help them out as she needs to go to another wedding. Vihaan compliments Rachna that she looks good in the clothes and says but. Rachna asks but what. Vihaan removes the clip from her hair and lets her hair loose.

Rachna is smilling away. Shail comes and calls Gunjan and Rachna. She looks at Gunjan and smiles and says she looks beautiful. Gunjan looks upset and Shail asks why. Gunjan asks did her father wash her Mayank’s feet and Shail says does she think Mayank will allow that.

Shail says whatever Mayank did today she is very happy and says that Mayank welcomed Akash by washing his feet. Gunjan was happy and Shail says to come quick.

Gunjan is walking to the wedding stage as the Kabira song plays in the background. Mayank sees her and smiles and then move to tears. Everyone look happy. Akash also get emotional and so did Gunjan. Akash then hugs Gunjan.

Mayank comes and holds his hand out to Gunjan. She takes his han

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