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Sarla immediately gets into an auto rickshaw to leave to Pragya’s house.

On the other hand, Pragya confesses to have committed the theft and begs Daadi not to tell Sarla anything. Tanu is pleased to see this. Rachana is sure that Pragya is lying and can never steal.

Pragya tries her best to convince everyone that she has stolen the money but no one believes her. Tanu tells Pragya that she is not doing them any favors by accepting her crime as she would have to do it sooner or later.
Tanu tells Daadi that she should now kick Pragya out of the house. Mitali and Pammi too support Tannu. Mitali add that when Raj stole someone’s else money, he was sent to jail, so Pragya should also be sent to jail.

Abhi hears all this and is shattered but decides to intervene. Abhi demands to know the drama that Tanu has created in his house. Tanu and Pragya are shocked to see Abhi.

The moment Tanu sees Abhi, she informs him dramatically how Pragya has stolen from him and asks Abhi to kick Pragya out of the house. Abhi asks Tanu who is she to decide who will stay in the house and tells her that this is his family matter and she should not interfere in his life.

Tanu continues to make false allegations against Pragya when Abhi unable to hold back his temper asks Tanu to go back to her room. Tanu warns Abhi of dire consequences but he doesn’t care and grabbing Tanu by his arm takes Tanu to her room. Pammi tells Daadi to kick Pragya out of her house but Daadi refuses to take any decision until she has spoken to Sarla.
Once in the room, Tanu yells at Abhi for ruining her plan. Abhi tells Tanu that whatever was happening downstairs was wrong. Tanu tells Abhi that this is the last chance they have and requests him not to interfere and ruin their child’s future. Abhi tells Tanu that he knows that their child is their responsibility but for their happiness they cannot ruin someone else’s life. Tanu tells Abhi to then tell him another way to sort out this issue.

Abhi explains to Tanu that what she is doing with Pragya is not correct and this will get Pragya thrown out of the house. Tanu blackmails Abhi by asking him to throw Pragya out of the home or else she would inform everyone about her pregnancy and that she is carrying his baby.

Abhi is shocked. Purabh comes to his house and switches on the lights and is shocked to sees Aaliya on the sofa. He asks about her. Aaliya says she was so scared with Rohit and that’s why she came here. Purabh asks her not to get scared and assures her his support.

Aaliya says she can’t forget it. Purabh asks her not to think about him and asks not to inform anyone. Aaliya thanks and hugs him. Purabh tells her that it is getting late and asks her to go home and that he has to meet Bulbul in the morning.

Abhi thinks where to go, as one side is sacrificing Pragya and other side is threatening Tanu. Pragya accepts to have stolen the money. Rachna couldn’t believe it. Pragya says she is Abhi’s wife and if she have taken some money from him without informing him, then what is the big deal. Abhi comes. Pragya tells him not to inform Sarla.

Abhi tells her to tell Daadi that she didn’t steal the money. A small argument breaks out between Pragya and Abhi. Abhi goes to Daadi and asks if they should call Sarla. Daadi tells him she needs to know the truth as Pragya had stolen the money and then blamed Indu for the same.

Abhi asks Daadi to leave the matter. Dadi tells him she feel Pragya is hiding something from them and they will know once her Sarla comes. She asks if he knows about her truth. Abhi refuses. Daadi asks him to call Sarla. Pragya tells Daadi that her mother won’t be able to hear anything but Daadi asks her to tell the truth. Pragya assures her that she will tell later and asks her not to say anything to her mother.

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