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US Based Dancer, Sarah Also Calls Out Davido Over Unpaid Fees


kaffy-danceChicago based Nigerian dancer, Sarah, has also come for Davido and his management, alleging that they failed to pay dancers Davido used at his One Africa Music Fest in New York. She also backed Kaffy’s rant against the singer, adding that it wasn’t the first time Davido had dumped his dancers minute before his act.

In her lengthy note, she said that she felt disrespected by the way Davido and his management treated her and other dancers in New York.

“At this point people need to take their time to listen and read before commenting. This entire situation about Nigerian artists disrespecting dancers is far beyond ‘DavidO’. @kaffydance used the reoccurring events of Davids disrespect as an example of how a lot of Nigerian musicians (not all) do not appreciate dancers and our contributions to their crafts ( stage, music Videos or even promo social media videos). Being that I was part of the first incident at the One Africa Music Fest ( NewYork) I know how I felt when David decided right as we were walking on stage that he no longer wanted dancers.

I personally felt disrespected and felt like he had no regards for my artistry as a dancer. At this point we all were upset and had to change right in the stadium, in front of all these people. Then @kaffydance tells his manager that he’ll still have to pay the dancers because of our time wasted ( dressed and on stage) then his manager runs back to us and said ” He still wants dancers, he just didn’t want the for the first song.

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