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Aakash asks Shail if the Garg family had any monetary expectations from him and Gunjan. Shail says there is no need as she is her daughter. Seema witnesses their conversation and a sense of greed flows in her mind and is feeling bad. Akash, Prabhu and Mayank are about to leave to see the wedding hall.

Vihaan gets Rachna on his bike and takes her for a surprise date, further delighting her day. She wants to go back to college, he tells her this is a date but Rachna says that many people can see us so Vihaan agrees to go to a farwaway place and that he will get the notes for her. Seema convinces Shail to be on Gunjan’s side but Shail does not understand Seema’s motives and is happy. Gunjan is waiting for Mayank and Mayank says he is busy but he finally goes some cute nok jhok moments between Mayank and Gunjan. He says he has come as its hot to take a stroll and decides to go Gunjan does not stop him. He comes back and tum hi ho song plays in the background. Gunjan apologizes and he just says a hug is enough and they are very close to each other.

Mayank hugs Gunjan from behind and they talk about marriage and he asks Gunjan if she will become a Dayan after marriage, she says she can become chandi also. She teases him that he is scared about his mom while he tells her she wants joru ka gulam and he says he will become typical Benarsi husband. Mayank and Gunjan cherish their time together as she runs and he runs after her. tum hi ho song plays in the background. Rachna and Vihaan still out and he gets her to a place she says its beautiful while he replies that not more than her Rachna thinks its just lines and they both also spend an affectionate time with each other. There is a thela where tea is sold. Vihaan goes to take two glasses when the guy asks with who he has come and asks Tina madam Rachna overhears this and when Vihaan offers her a glass throws it.

however, gets annoyed on Vihaan, after a shopkeeper in the area, who is familiar to Vihaan’s play-boyish image, unintentionally reveals the name of the girls he dated in the past and that he has still not changed, he tries to make her believe but she does not listen. The shop fellow tells him he will get other girls and he explains this girl is different. Rachna leaves.

Seema gets men to remove furniture from Mayank’s room as she wants new furniture and Prabhu says that they can’t afford all this and to love Gunjan. Seema pretentiously quarrels with her husband in Aakash’s presence regarding, the renovation of Mayank’s room, in order to make Aakash aware of their need and Akash overhears this. She is excited that even if Prabhu won’t spend then she will get what she wants. Rachna is back and Gunjan asks her where she was. Gunjan sees 8 miss calls from Vihaan on her phone. Rachna tells her about the date but that he has taken other girls there before. Gunjan says you are jealous so must in love. Gunjan asks what action happened on the date, did they kiss? Rachna says she would have slapped him and asks Gunjan why is she asking all that and if something like that happened to her. Gunjan says she didn’t go anywhere and blushes and feels ackward and they tease each other. Gunjan says lets get married together but the girls are still arguing when the land line rings and Dayal picks up. He tells Rachna its her call. Rachna is scared that it could be Vihaan and Dayal says the person has no manners to introduce themselves. Its a woman and Rachna is relieved. Its Vihaan on the other line and he says that he has changed and Rachna challenges him to come home and say what he feels in front of all. Gunjan is happy

Akash gives a list of stuff which he wants to give Gunjan but Shail is hesitant and he says is for his only daughter and Shail agrees . Seema and Sangeeta are very happy. Seema gives a list of relatives to Shail and the list is big. Shail says no but Akash says that no problem its a happy occasion. Two aged females arrive from Delhi to attend Mayank’s wedding but she says that she didn’t know there was a wedding so lets go back. She taunts them that their mother in-law gave her so much respect. Masi is eating and her daughter in-law is pressing her legs. She says Seema is so lucky her first daughter in-law was maaldar and her second one is even more maaldaar. She is dominating her daughter in-law. Shail gives her custard and juice but she wants some kachori which she gets. Maasi wants to meet the daughter in-law and Gunjan comes Maasi is shocked seeing that Seema chose a bare leg girl, they get furious after watching Gunjan’s modern attire, and insult her. Everyone is shocked

Seema’s aunt that arrives from Delhi for the wedding, insults Gunjan on watching her attire and tells her to go and change her clothes. Sangeeta tells he to leave with her eyes. Gunjan change to Jeans and Rachna asks why did she changed. Gunjan says Masi is disgusting and Rachna replies she is only like that. Rachna shows her a dupatta and that she will get work done on it. Gunjan teases her. Vihaan calls Rachna up, but Gunjan picks it up when Rachna wants to disconnect it and Rachna manages to snatches the phone from her. Vihaan tells her he does not want to come to her house as she will get in trouble, Rachna scolds him and the moment Shail comes there, Rachna disconnects the call. Shail asks who was she scolding. Gunjan comes in between their conversation that it was a tellecaller and covers up for Rachna. Shail shows them some sarees that it’s for Gunjan. Gunjan asks why is he giving her these sarees as she is emotionally attached. Shail replies that some sarees are for Sneha’s. On the other hand, Vihaan sends an sms to Rachna that he will come to meet her till she counts of ten. Just then, the door bell rings and Rachna is scared and goes to open the door. When Dayal is about to open it, Rachna makes an excuse that he should help chacha ( uncle ) for the wedding. Dayal is very pleased that his daughter is so mature but still he opens the door and it’s Prabhu.

The family sit along, to choose jewelleries for the bride. Mayank tells her to select bangles as he wants to gift her. Gunja refused that she does not need Mayank gift and he asks if she feels he can’t afford it. Gunjan says because he is her jewel. Gunjan comes down and Akash tells her not to worry about the price and to just select. Maasi tells Seema she is very lucky while Mayank is standing and flashing light on Gunjan’s face using his watch as Gunjan is sitting with the family and wants to chose jewellery. He insists to give Gunjan something and when he comes Maasi tells him to leave and taunts him not to be running behind Gunjan. Seema and Maasi chose heavy sets for Gunjan but she does not want either. Shail asks where Rachna is and Gunjan says she has gone to the tailor.

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Vihaan on the other hand, meets Rachana but she is tensed as people who knows her might see her with him. Vihaan tells her he loves her and wants to spend his life with her but Rachna is scared and he takes Rachna along with him on his bike as he says he wants to show her something.

At night, Vihaan and Rachna still on bike and it looks like it will rain and Vihaan tells her to wait for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, Gunjan goes to the terrace to remove the dried clothes as it might rain and Mayank is there. He tells her why didn’t she chose something, Gunjan says she is not materialistic when mayank says he is not worthy of her.

Due to heavy rains, they meet a short accident on their way home as Vihaan’s bike skids and they fall in the mud. Rachna is hurt and she gets worried on reaching home, as her clothes get spoilt. Vihaan shows her a hut nearby, In order to prevent themselves from the heavy rains, the duo takes shelter in a small hut nearby. A lady give Vihaan a towel and give her daughter’s clothes to Rachna. There is lightening and Rachna is scared and holds Vihaan’s arm. Vihaan eye lock.

Vihaan and Rachana in the hut. Vihaan is drying his hair and Rachana has come after changing her clothes. Vihaan tells Rachana she looks beautiful but Rachana feels awkward in spending her time alone with Vihaan at a hut, in an isolated street. She stays worried for reaching home on time and that everyone will be worried. Vihaan says that he will drop her and to let her clothes dry first. Rachana says it’s not important and that she will say they got wet in the rain. She tells him to drop her home and that she wants to go home now. Vihaan tells her to relax and promise to drop her home holding her. Rachana is angry and she slaps Vihaan unintentionally after she realises Vihaan’s over caressing behaviour and goes and get her clothes but Vihaan is upset that she slapped him. At the terrace it’s starts raining and Mayank runs into the shade while Gunjan stay  back and spins in the rain. He looks at her and smiles. Gunjan comes and drags him into the rain. They dance and are really happy and Mayank puts a necklace on Gunjan’s neck and they hug each other. Shail is worried where Rachana is as she can’t reach her on phone. Shail calls up the tailor and asks if she is there and finds out that Rachana isn’t there. Gunjan says she forgot to tell Shail that Rachana went to a designer. Seema says to call the designer but Gunjan says she doesn’t have the number but not to worry as Rachana will be back soon. Shail tells Gunjan she is soaked and asks her to change her clothes or she’ll fall sick.

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