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Pragya tells Suresh just because he has failed in love as Bulbul’s reject him, he doesn’t want Rachana to live happily with the man she loves. Suresh enraged with the false allegations is about to slap Pragya but then stops. Meanwhile, Akash and Rachana complete the wedding rituals. Suresh tells Pragya that all he wanted is for his sister to be strong and independent and is really hurt to know that this is what Pragya thinks of him and didn’t feel bad hearing Bulbul’s rejection. Just then Akash and Rachana come there after completing their wedding vows to take Suresh and Pragya’s blessings. Suresh is shocked to see Rachna and Akash holding each other hands. Pragya tells Suresh to prove her wrong by giving Akash and Rachana his blessings. Suresh comes there still stunned with Rachana’s decision to marry Akash. Rachana tells Suresh that she knows he wouldn’t have ever given her permission to marry Akash and so she had to marry Akash under these circumstances. Suresh smiles and hugs Rachana and Akash wishing them well for their future. Pragya apologizes to Suresh for hurting him. Suresh smiles and thanks Pragya timely advising Rachana.

At home, Daadi is tensed as the bride’s family is waiting and no one knows where Akash is? Just then Pammi informs Beeji that Akash had called and will be coming home any minute. Daadi excitedly tells the pundit to start the preparations when Akash walks in with Rachana. Everyone is shocked to see this. Pammi comes to Akash and demands to know why are they wearing garlands around their neck? Akash informs Pammi that he has married Rachana. Pammi is furious as he has embarrassed his family. She slaps Akash and everyone is shocked. Daadi tells Pammi to let her speak to him. Daadi is shattered that Akash has hurt the girl’s family and his family with his decision. Pammi refuses to accept Rachana as her daughter in law and is about to push Rachana out of the house but Akash comes and stands between Pammi and his mother in support of Rachana. Pammi tells Akash to leave the house with Rachana if he remains adamant on his decision when Pragya comes there and informs them that Akash will not leave the house and that she has got Rachana and Akash married to each other. Daadi is shocked to know this. Pragya tells the family that she had to as no one understood the difference between right and wrong and that Akash is the son of family. When he was making a mistake, everyone was supporting him and today when he is making his wrongs right, they are asking him to leave. Daadi tells Pragya that Rachana had refused to marry Akash. Pragya tells Daadi that Rachana is young and made a mistake in anger and imagine how her life would be if she became a mother unmarried. She has struggled for the past 8 and half months all alone bearing through all the circumstances. She says pregnancy is a big happiness to have happen to a woman but it was a curse for Rachna and asks if the family realizes the stigma Rachana would have to deal with even after the birth of the child. Daadi is thoughtful but Pammi is upset and refuses to accept Rachana as her daughter-in-law and alleges whatever Pragya did was wrong.

Daasi asks Pragya if she realizes that she has wronged the bride who had come with the hope of getting married and how Pragya has hurt everyone’s feelings. Just then, Pragya realizes that she can use this opportunity to fulfill her promise to Tanu and ensure that Abhi’s family hates her. Pragya blames Abhi’s grandmother for ruining so many lives by getting Akash married to Rachna and she wants a grandchild but does not want to accept Akash’s child. Daasi is not convinced and tells Pragya what she did was wrong. Pragya is adamant and accuses Daadi of being partial towards Abhi just because he is famous and earns more than Akash. She tells Daadi that she only pretends to impartial towards everyone. Daasi who cannot bear to see Pragya misbehaving with Daadi, enraged slaps her. Daadi is shocked. Daasi tells Pragya to stop uttering nonsense while Rachna asks her not to fight with her family for her but Pragya continues to speak. She tells how Abhi’s family is pompous and do not care about anyone’s feelings. Daadi and Daasi are hurt and remind her how they have supported her in every decision. Pragya wants to know why they are not supporting her right now. Daadi in tears tells Pragya that she has treated her as her daughter and if she has ever been partial towards anyone in the family except for Pragya and is very hurt to know that Pragya thinks so badly of her. Pragya tells Daadi to prove that she cares about everyone equally and tells Daadi to accept Rachna as the daughter-in-law of the family. Daadi is shocked and refuses to accept Rachna as the daughter-in-law of the house. Pragya tells Daadi that her approval doesn’t matter anymore as Rachna and Akash are married and Rachna’s child will bear his father Akash’s name. Pragya tells Daadi that if Akash and Rachna are asked to leave, then even she would leave this house with them. Pammi asks Pragya if she is threatening them. Pragya comes to Pammi and tells her that she is warning everyone or she too would leave the house. Pammi is shocked at Pragya’s tone of voice. Pragya holds Rachna’s hand and takes her inside the house. Abhi watches Pragya confused over her sudden change in behavior.

Once alone in the room, Pragya tells Akash that soon the family will accept them. Rachna tells Pragya that she should not have misbehaved with Daadi. Pragya tells Rachna that sometimes one has to take a tough stand. Akash supports Pragya and thanks her for making him realize what all he has missed as an expecting father. Akash promises to take care of Rachna. Pragya is pleased to see this and leaves wishing them luck.

Abhi is sitting alone thinking of how Pragya misbehaved with them as she is not that kind of a person but if she insulted Daadi purposely then he will not spare her. Daasi comes to Abhi and scolds him for not saying anything to Pragya. Daasi tells Abhi that if he did not correct Pragya, he should have at least consoled Daadi. Daasi urges Abhi to speak to Pragya and find out why Pragya spoke to them in this manner. Abhi feels that Pragya misbehaved with Daadi for a reason but at the same time is upset with Pragya for misbehaving with Daadi.

Abhi angrily comes into the room searching for Pragya but she is not in the room.

On the other hand, Pragya comes to Daadi’s room and breaks down before her picture apologizing to her. She tells Daadi that this was the only way she can get out of their house so Tanu can marry Abhi and they can live happily. Abhi overhears Pragya speaking to Daadi’s pictures midway and gets further confused. Abhi sees Pragya crying holding Daadi’s picture and leaves.

Once alone in the room, Abhi angrily waits for Pragya. Pragya at the door is crying bitterly so she can compose herself before facing Abhi. Abhi sees this and waits. Pragya peeps into the room to find Abhi looking at himself in the mirror. She quickly wipes her tears and comes into the room. Abhi offers Pragya a glass of water but Pragya refuses to drink it. Pragya wonders why Abhi is not yelling at her. Abhi tells Pragya that she is such a talented actress. Abhi asks Pragya that inspite of knowing how much he loves Daadi and cannot see anyone troubling her, she misbehaved with Daadi. Pragya tells Abhi that when she is right, she doesn’t care what people think. Abhi asks Pragya if all that she told him the other night was true too.

Pragya tells Abhi that she is not scared of anyone when she knows she is right. Abhi asks Pragya that the lies and what she told him the other night was true too? Pragya tells Abhi that she was just joking with him but it was not her intention to hurt him. Abhi tells Pragya that she has hurt Daadi and simply pretended to love Daadi. She tells him that she was only doing what was right and doesn’t care what people think. Abhi recalls seeing her crying holding Daadi’s picture and apologizing. He tells her to go and apologize to Daadi. Pragya refuses stating that she has done nothing wrong and therefore doesn’t need to apologize and leaves. Abhi is sure that Pragya is doing all this under some kind of pressure and is determined to find out.


That night, Sarla and Bulbul’s grandmother dote on Bulbul feeding her lovingly.

Later, Pragya comes outside Daadi’s room waiting for Robin with a food tray in her hands. Robin comes there and Pragya gives him the food tray telling him to give Daadi the food and ensure she takes her medicines. She asks him not to inform Daadi that she made the food and to tells her that she is sleeping. Robin brings the food tray in Daadi’s room but she refuses to eat anything. Pragya holding back her tears leaves from there. Abhi watches all this and taking the food tray from Robin comes into Daadi’s room. Daadi thinking it is Robin asks him to leave and is surprised to see Abhi. Daadi tells Abhi that she is not hungry. Abhi tells Daadi to eat the food and urges her to eat but Daadi tells Abhi that she is deeply hurt with the allegations Pragya has made towards her. She loved Pragya like her own daughter and she blamed her for being partial between the kids. Abhi is thoughtful wondering if he should tell Daadi that Pragya has done it under some kind of pressure but then decides otherwise until he finds the real reason. Daadi asks Abhi if he too questions her intentions. Abhi tells Daadi that he will find out the reason for Pragya’s behavior and breaking a morsel feeds Daadi. Just then Daasi comes there and is pleased to see Abhi looking after Daadi. Daasi asks Abhi if he spoke to Pragya. Abhi denies saying he was worried for Daadi and will now teach Pragya a lesson. Daadi worried tells Abhi to speak nicely to Pragya and not hurt her in any way. Abhi feels bad thinking how much Daadi loves Pragya and is determined to find the reason behind Pragya’s changed behavior.

Akash comes into his room and gives Rachana some of Mitali’s clothes and promises to take her shopping the next day and start their life afresh. Akash then asks Rachana if he can speak to the baby. Akash then lovingly speaks to Rachana’s belly and says sweet nothings to the baby. Rachna smiles happily.

Abhi is playing with a ball in his room and Pragya is unable to cross over and take the quilt and so she kicks the ball. Abhi refuses to let Pragya sleep as he wants to torture Pragya for hurting his Daadi. Pragya refuses to bear any torture that Abhi has in mind for her and goes and sleeps on the couch. Abhi is surprised that Pragya is not reacting to anything that he has to say and Abhi starts pulling Pragya’s quilt and she falls from the couch on the floor. Pragya again lies down on the couch and Abhi to annoy her, throws pillow at her face.

The next morning, Sarla and Janki are searching for the reportes and Sarla is creating a ruckus about it.

At Abhi’s house, Purabh wants to know what happened between Abhi and Pragya last night. Abhi tells him that at night, he was waiting for Pragya for a long time. Purabh gets restless and tells Abhi to tell him what happened after he met Pragya. Abhi tells Purabh that night he came by the pool to speak to Pragya and it began to rain and they both in order to escape the rain went into two different directions. Just then Pragya comes there and Purabh asks Pragya what happened the other night. Pragya tries to avoid the questions but Abhi to annoy Pragya tells Purabh to wait back and they will tell in detail about the night but Pragya leaves to go out of the house saying she has some important work. Abhi decides to follow Pragya to find out where she is going hoping to know the reason behind Pragya’s sudden change in behaviour.

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