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TreasureMiners Coming Soon

TreasureMiners is a community of serious investor that provides financial leverage and independence to members. Treasureminers is a peer-to-peer donation platform that was created out of the need to see a society where every human enjoys financial success.

TreasureMiners offers financial opportunities to her participants in a bid to establish independence. TreasureMiners is the result of a frantic brainstorming, we have carefully reviewed the reasons for the failure of maturity of peer-to-peer platforms and carefully came up with a system that we believe will stand the test of time.



  1. 100% of your donation In 16days in local currency(No Bitcoin)
  2. Strong recommitment policy
  3. 20% Down payment to avoid scammers
  4. 48hrs time frame
  5. Active support
  6. Minimum donation is 10k and Maximum is 500


This is how it really works

  • The system has a Recommitment policy of 50% of your previous donation before Mining
  • Assuming you wish to Donate Treasure of 50k to get 100k
    You’d first be matched to make a 20% down payment this is a security measure that’s being put in to chase out fake participants and scammers.
  • After making the payment you’ll be matched to pay the remaining 80% anytime.
  • On your withdrawal date you’ll be required to recommit 50% of your previous donation in this process 20% first then the remaining 30% will be matched almost immediately after that you’ll be matched to Mine the 100% after which you’d be required to complete the remaining 50% anytime within 16days




Treasure Miners WhatsApp Group

Treasure Miners Telegram

Visit the website below to view the countdown:

TreasureMiners will be launched On October 1, 2017.

Referral commission

Ordinary participants get a one-time bonus of 5% from their direct Downlines while those who have up to 30refs will be entitled to a life time bonus…

Participant wouldn’t be able to GH their bonuses if their Donation isn’t up to atleast half Of Their Bonuses.

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  1. Wow Treasure Miners is going to bomb get yourself ready

  2. Treasure Miners is the deal. Nice concept and great recommitment plan for sustainability.

  3. Wow… This sounds amazing sir, would love to participate in a system like this. With all these features they have I think they’d go a long way. Let me wait till October 1st

  4. Nice concept at treasureminers . I’m gonna hit the platform on the first day of lunch.

  5. I will definitely try treasure miners out. They look real to me. 100% in 16 days na real enjoyment

    Treasure miners make una make sure una no fall our hands o

  6. Like seriously, I hope I will recover my losses from this site,kindly contact me when the site comes live.

  7. Wow I can’t wait to be part of this awesome project called treasureminers

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