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She realises that it was due to her mistake that Tanu got hurt and thinks of stopping Nikhil from reaching the hospital to see Tanu as she sees Tanu’s accident news on social networking site. On the other hand, the smart Bulbul plans to find out Tanu’s unborn baby’s father by posting a message on social media as she assumes that if Tanu’s boyfriend has a concern for her, he would come and visit her in the hospital. What they expect happens as Nikhil sees the news on the site and reads the message. He gets worried for Tanu and then decides to visit Tanu but Aaliya dials Nikhil’s contact number and prohibits him from seeing Tanu as Pragya might get a doubt. However, Nikhil does not give a hoot to Aaliya, and resolves to meet Tanu at any cost and that no one can stop him from meeting her, even she can’t stop him. Aaliya gets tensed.

Abhi reaches the hospital to meet Tanu, and he is told by the receptionist that she does not know where Tanu, as the surname is not mentioned and that 3 patients name Tanu were admitted in the hospital. He tells her full name and asks her to give him the room number of the 3 patients saying that he would search for the actual Tanu, but couldn’t get her information. He decides to check in general ward. On the other hand, Bulbul tells Purabh and Pragya that they have to hide under the bed. The trios try to search for a place in order to hide in Tanu’s room. Bulbul asks Pragya to keep an eye on the door and informs them if anyone comes. Daasi asks Daadi if she was talking about Aaliya, when she said something big is going to happen. Daadi says she didn’t know anything. She wears her specs and says she have some work with Mitali. Daasi thinks Daadi is hiding something from her, and she is not tensed as Tanu is in hospital. She decides to find out about the truth. Abhi then starts searching for Tanu in the entire hospital, he go to the general ward and tell a lady he thought she is Tanu.

The patient name Tanu recognizes him to be rockstar and insists to take selfie with him. Abhi asks them to let him go. Meanwhile, Nikhil who has also discovered that Tanu met with an accident reaches the hospital and tries to enquire about Tanu while looking for her but he sees Abhi standing and hides. He decides to follow Abhi. He sees Abhi coming towards him and they both come across each other. Abhi is unable to recognise Nikhil as he is wearing a surgery mask to disguise himself. Abhi asks him about Tanu’s room. Nikhil stays silent and thinks to search for her before Abhi.

Bulbul and Purabh are hiding behind the curtains, waiting for Tanu’s boyfriend to come. Bulbul goes somewhere, and Purabh thinks to see her. Tanu wakes up and wonders where she is? She thinks she is in hospital and says she has reached here because of Aaliya. She checks her phone and sees her misscalls. Aaliya thinks it seems Tanu is still unconscious now. Tanu calls her and blames for her condition. Aaliya says she is her friend and that’s why she want to inform that Nikhil is coming there. Tanu didn’t mind him coming to meet her. Aaliya then informs her that Abhi is also there and that if the truth comes out then Abhi will not forgive her. She asks her to run from hospital or acts to faint again. Tanu asks her to come to her, and says she is feeling alone. Aaliya says agrees.

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