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Durgardevi asks Roshni to see the invitation cards. Roshni is shocked to see her marriage cards with Amol. She tears the cards and tells her she is crossing her limits now and that Amol is a fake and her mother is getting trapped. She adds that she don’t expect this from a successful business woman. Durgardevi says of course she have experienced and she know what she is saying and that she is tolerating Siddharth but will not let her marry him. She have taken her decision and that’s the final. Roshni says that’s unfair. Siddharth looks on shocked. Raj tells Siddharth that the Police will lock Amol in jail and will enquire with him. Siddharth says he don’t know if he is a criminal or have any motive that he has challenged him that his mom in-law will give him entry within 24 hours.

The police checks Amol’s credentials and asks him to say the truth. Amol assures him that he is am a doctor and not a criminal. He says he will tell hrr everything. The inspector comes out and says there is nothing wrong with him. Simran says he is a cheap man and that he will marry daughter in-law. Inspector then reminds them tomorrow is weekend, so he have to stay here for 2 days. Raj asks him to make sure that he says the truth. Siddharth looks on. Durgardevi calls Amol and thinks why his phone is not connecting. Amol comes with his mother and asks Durgardevi why she got her son beaten by the Police and stayed in jailed. Durgardevi is shocked. Amol says he told her everything, if she couldn’t believe him then she would have asked him directly rather getting him arrested.

Roshni asks her mother not to trust this cheat and that the Police haven’t done anything with him. Amol asks how did she know if the Police have beaten him or not. Durgardevi asks Roshni if she is responsible for his condition and that Siddharth fills her ears and she act accordingly. Amol smirks. She apologizes to him and asks Munna to bring first aid kit. She apologizes to Amol. Amol says he don’t want to mess his life. The police have interrogated his parents as well and that his father is angry and don’t want to talk to him. He has thrown him out of the house. Durgardevi asks him to stay in her house until he gets well and she promise to talk to his father and sort out everything. She have kept beggar here for free, he can stay here as he will become her family member. She promises to make everything fine. Amol smirks.

Roshni tells Siddharth that she can’t bear Amol’s sight and they should run away from here and marry. They will return and inform her mom that they are married. Siddharth says they are doing this to protect her, and says they are already married. Siddharth then asks why this Amol is taking interest in her and his mom in-law. He adds that they can’t leave Durgardevi with him. Roshni says why God plays so many games with them. Just then Siddharth sees Beeji and Bunty coming there and informs Roshni. Bunty tells Beeji that he will not leave Amol today. Siddharth asks them to relax that he want to break his head and throw him out, but can’t do anything as his mom in-law trusts Amol. He asks them to leave everything to him. Beeji swears to break his eyes.Siddharth asks them to calm down. Amol tells Durgardevi that he respects Roshni a lot. Durgardevi asks him to stay there peacefully. Amol tells Siddharth that he told him that he will enter the house. He asks what Siddharth will do now son in-law as Durgardevi will become his mom in-law in few days and that Siddharth have lost it. He goes on his bicycle. He thinks he have taken him lightly and that he will leave from this house within 24 hours.

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