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Reasons Why Marriage Might Not Be For You


We live in a society where the pressure to get married is just too damn much and the people who are mostly at the receiving end are ladies. No matter how succesful a lady (or a man) is if they aren’t married people will start putting pressure on them not caring if they are ready or mature enough to marry. Banky W if you’re reading this i feel your pain, don’t mind them.

1. YOU BARELY PUT IT INTO THOUGHT: If you’re one of the rarities amongst us, then maybe you’ve never really contemplated getting married before. Maybe the thought of a wedding never really crossed your mind. It’s not like you’ve never wanted a life partner or a family, but the wedding part just never entered your mind. This is a sign marriage might not be for you.

2. YOU’RE CONTENT WITH JUST DATING: If you don’t feel the need to document your love for someone with a piece of paper and are fully happy in the relationship you’re currently in, marriage might not be for you. Not all life-long relationships have to be bound by a document and you understand and appreciate that.

3. YOU CAN’T PICTURE YOURSELF BEING LONG TERM WITH ANYONE: Sometimes, people just can’t see themselves with only one person for the rest of their life. And since marriage is basically vowing to do just that, marriage might not be for people like that.

4. YOU DON’T BUY THE IDEA OF SHARING YOUR POSSESSION WITH SOMEONE FOR EVER: I don’t know about you, but I like my stuff. And I like my stuff to remain my stuff and all mine. Call me selfish, but I don’t want to be legally obligated to give 50% of everything to someone else for the rest of my life-even if I think they’re “the one.”

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5. YOU PREFER BREAKUPS TO DIVORCING: Divorce? Oh, hell no. If you would rather be able to pack your bags and leave peacefully without the dreadful paperwork and court dates-like me-then you shouldn’t get married.

6. YOU’RE A FREE SPIRITED PERSON: Meaning, you travel and get crazy and don’t have the desire to stop and share your life with anybody because you’re happy with living your life for yourself. If you’re this person, then you just don’t have the time to settle down and give yourself to one person for such a long time.

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