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Question & Answers on How to Buildt a Successful Blog From Scratch Pt3

I do hope you'd read Part 1 & 2, if not please read both before you proceed.
Here are a few pressing questions you might have (while starting out your Blog) and suggestions on what to do.

I wish to start a blog but don't have web designing skills, which platform would you recommend?
I would advise that you start with Blogger (hosted), WordPress (hosted) or WordPress (self hosted without plugins). Blogger is pretty easy to learn. If you wish to go with WordPress then avoid installing plugins till you learn how to secure a WordPress website.
Should I go for Free or Paid hosting?
Unless you have seed capital and understand the concept of Gestation Period (of a Business), I would advise you start with free hosting (but paid domain name).Once you can afford it (from Blog's income), move to Paid hosting; it gives you more flexibility.
How can I get my website approved on Adsense or other top Ad networks
I think many Bloggers ask this question too early. Your primary focus should be to build your traffic and drop quality (engaging) content. Unless this box is checked, your Blog will keep getting rejected. The acid test for this is "how many bigger websites quote / refer to your posts?"
I'm out of ideas what to write about, any suggestions?
This is one reason why you should pick a niche you're familiar with. Anyway, this is nothing strange; we all have our 'content drough' days. What you should know is that quality content often outperforms quantity. Don't force yourself to post daily (and end up posting shallow content daily). If you can drop only two quality posts a week then thats fine for a start. Try to blog about topics you're familiar with and genuinly interested in. Also, try to understand eachpost you make, this will help you to build internal links on future posts.
Questions From Comments
Q: My issues now is my earnings. All my clicks are counting $0.1 and less than $4 in a month Is here whats left for me to do….Kossy
A:Kossy, It takes time for your earnings to grow. It's also a function of the source of your traffic and the keywords contained in your content. I would advise youkeep working to build quality traffic, dropping great content and be patient, it will grow!
Q:Nice one boss. No longer blogging though! Google punished me….!….Bona Andrews
A:Bona (i'm guessing Bona9ja). I saw your present situation coming from a Mile away. I vividly recall warning you about what you were doing back then but you wouldn't heed. It took DCMA Takedown Notices to get you to pay attention. You were lifting posts word for word without permission or credits. Also, you struck me as impatient to get traffic (and make money).
This makes your kind prone to buying or trying to acquire an Adsense account by all means possible; a move which often backfires. I trust you've learned your lesson.
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