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Now That Dollar is Falling, Will Gadgets Prices go Down too?

It wasn’t funny when the prices of gadgets began to rise last year, goods and services became more expensive and even the typical high ends smartphones with 4G enabled that normally goes for N46,000 skyrocket to around N100,000+. It was all attributed to the rise in dollar.
Now that dollar is fallen gradually, will the price of gadget also go down? Will banks also enable our Master Cards for international transaction also? Ever since this dollar rise saga hit Nigeria, and banks limits the usage of master cards online, a lot of people have been finding it difficult to shop on foreign site most especially those that love to buy from sites like AliExpress, Ebay, gearbest, everbuying etc.
GTB limits Naira master card to $100 per months, Access bank was formally $200 but was reduced to $100. I don’t know how true this is but I overhead someone said you can request for the limit placed on UBA Master card to be lifted.
I’ve always use my Dollar Master Card to do any transaction I wanted online but even at that, it will be of great help if the limit placed on Naira card is lifted.
As at today, the current dollar to naira exchange is around N375 per dollar. Should dollar fall also leads to gadgets fall in price? Or do you believe in what some people tag has whatever goes up in Nigeria never come down? What do you expect because dollar will still fall?

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