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“I am Not Allowed To Get Married As An Hausa Actress” – Rahama Sadau


About two months ago at the City People Entertainment awards, embattled Hausa actress, Rahama Sadau had a chat with popular journalist Morakinyo Olugbiji where she talked about Challenges faced by actresses in the Northern part of the country.

According to her, one of the challenges is that she is not allowed to get married as long as she is still practicing the profession. She either quits or remain single.

She also told the journalist her dream to become an international actress. With her recent ban from acting in Kannywood and the invitation to Hollywood by Jeta Amata and US singer, Akon, it looks like Rahama’s dream is fast coming to a reality.

Read the interview below…

You just won an award at the 2016 City People Entertainment Awards, what does this award mean to you?

A lot! It means a whole lot. I was actually surprise about the award.

What would you say that you’ve done within Kannywood to have deserved this?

Well, I will first of all say that finally, my hard work paid off because I am a very hard-working person and a dedicated person. Although I was surprised for winning this award because I wasn’t expecting it,however it wasn’t a big surprise because I have been working hard and hard work always definitely get rewarded at the end of the day.

With this kind of prestigious award, do you think Kannywood is finally getting it’s due recognition in the Nigerian film industry?
Yes I think so. It is getting recognised which is why we could be included in this kind of award. In fact I would say Kannywood is now everywhere.

What’s your major challenge as a Kannywood actress?

My main challenge is trying to break from Kannywood into Nollywood. That is the challenge. I want to be able to juggle between the two industries because I believe that I am a Nigerian actress, not a Kannywood actress. Although, I must say that Kannywood is a foundation for me to start. Kannywood is my root, but then I am a Nigerian actress. A true actress is not boxed into a certain area, a true actress is versatile. So, crossing fully into Nollywood and being accepted as a Nigerian actress, instead of being referred to as a Kannywood actress has been a challenge. I just want to beable to act the two together. But I’m gradually overcoming that.

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How did you get into acting?

I had always been a big fan of actors. When I was in secondary school, I joined this drama group entertaining our mates in Secondary school. So being an actress wasn’t something that hadn’t been a part of me. I had been dreaming to be an actress, and I am now.

Who is your mentor in the industry?

Ali Nuhu is my mentor. He is my brother and everything. He is the one that introduced me to Kannywood and everywhere. I am where I am today beecause of Ali Nuhu. If not for Ali Nuhu, I wouldn’t be here.

What are you aiming towards career-wise?

I want to be an international actress, apart from being a Nigerian actress. I just don’t want to be this actress that whenever it is mentioned anywhere in the world that she is an actress, what will come to mind of people is she belongs to a particular part. I just want to be a world actress, an international actress. So I have this dream of becoming an international actress.

You want to crossover, but a lot of your colleagues seem to complain about the religious and traditional restraint of acting in Kannywood, with that in mind, do you think crossing over will be possible at all?

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Honestly, it feels a bit bad. It makes me feel a little bit bad, but you know, you can’t just crossover because of religion and tradition; what you can just do is to be careful in order not to offend the society. You just have to be very careful, especially in my own case that I’m determined to fully cross over. I will be having this challenges of different culture and tradition from Nollywood and Kannywood. So like I said, you just have to be careful.
Now, that you want to fully cross over to Nollywood, don’t you think the ‘offensive’ style of the industry will rub off on you; like the dress sense and all which might infuriate many?

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