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How a Nigerian man behaves when his wife’s in labour

Kenneth Okonkwo dotes on new baby.
The father’s joy when he welcomes a new baby

The many funny faces of Nigerian men in the moments before their wives give birth.

When you get to the hospital and the doctor tells you ‘relax, everything will be fine.’

relax.. okay doctor
But anxiety still grips you

When you are trying to tell her how much you love her before the doctor takes her away

When you are trying to hold it together but she just won’t stop crying

When one aunty is trying to calm you down by sharing her own experience from 20 years ago

Can this woman just stop!

When you hear your wife scream the first time

Oh Lord!

When the intensity of your wife’s cry makes you remember God is able

Lord please let this be over. I promise to serve you better

That smile when the doctor comes out to tell you she has delivered the baby

Ah doctor, I’m a daddy? Serious? I don’t believe it!

When you finally carry your baby

Dele momodu
‘The pose is good abi?’

How you call people to share the good news

uncle Femi... it is a boy
She don born o. We thank God

Fathers, which from the above describes you?

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