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Kalpana recalls every moment they have spent together. Raghav asks if she accept his proposal? Kalpana finally says "Yes I Do". The fireworks start in the sky. Raghav is ecstatic as Kalpana accepts his proposal. He hugs her and lifts her up. He says he have everything in his fist today and tells Kalpana that he love her. They engage in some romantic moment together. He holds her closer and kisses her cheek. Pakhi arrives at the pool spot looking for Raghav. Kalpana goes a little far from Raghav. Pakhi sees the Raghav first and tells him she have been looking for him and all guests are there waiting for him. She see Kalpana too and asks her what she is doing here but Sammy saves the day and says he saw it already that they can’t party here and it's against the society rules.
Kalpana talks to Sammy and Pakhi instead feels that Sammy and Kalpana are having an affair and say her guess was so right. Raghav and Kalpana are smiling at each other. Sammy asks him if Kalpana like his surprise. He says yes. They both go for some drinks. Raghav gets a call, Kalpana comes there and drinks from his juice.
On the other hand, Kamla is waiting for Kalpana. She thinks about the way she talked to Sammy and even feels the same as Pakhi that Sammy and her daughter are in relationship. Vitthal asks what she is thinking? Kamla goes in. He asks why don’t she take the food. Kamla says it's something to worry about and she think Kalpana loves someone. He laughs and says Kalpana is a kid and she doesn’t even know the meaning of love. Kamla blunt out that Sammy is the guy. Vitthal assures her that there is no such thing. Kamla says he is rich and they live in this chowl. Vitthal tells Kamla to have a little trust in her daughter. She replies that she do but she still fear.
Raghav who is drunk holds Kalpana’s hand in front of everyone for a dance. Pakhi asks Sammy what is Raghav doing. Sammy says he guess he is drunk and tell Pakhi to dance with him. They go for dance as well but Pakhi is looking at them with jealousy and During the party is shocked to see Raghav dancing somewhat intimately with Kalpana.
Raghav dance with Kalpana and Sammy with Pakhi. Sammy worries that Raghav is showing way too much. Sammy comes to him and asks if he can dance with Kalpana? Raghav agree. Kalpana dances with Sammy and Raghav with Pakhi. Pakhi tells Raghav that he look so happy. He reply that he enjoyed dance like this for the first time and got such a good partner.
The dance is over, Raghav holds Kalpana's hand and she call him sir and tells him to please leave her hand as Pakhi is coming. He again correct her to call him Raghav instead of sir. She say Raghav and he leaves her hand.
Everyone congratulates Raghav for the party. Pakhi calls the driver in front of Raghav and says her car is broken down. Raghav tells her not to worries that Sammy can drop her. Pakhi is unhappy as she thinks Raghav will volunteer to drop her and she leaves with Sammy.
Kalpana is alone in the house. Raghav says he thought she left without telling him. She says she forgot her phone in the room and asks if she can leave now as her mother must be worried. Raghav tells her not to go and to please stay for a few moments. Kalpana again says her mother must be worried and he says he will be all alone again. Kalpana comes to him, holds his arm and asks what happened to him? He tells her he don't know and that the people he loved always left him and he don't want her to.
Nettu is at home. Sahil comes there and asks what happened to her? He tell Neetu to sleep or she will need a dard circle treatment. Nettu says they can go to jail anytime and asks till when is he going to stop Raghav from facing Gauri. They will figure out everything and asks if he won't go to jail after that. He tell her not to worry that he will do something.
At home, Kamla is extremely worried for Kalpana. She calls Pakhi who is on the way. Kamla asks where Kalpana is? Pakhi says she left the party and she must be coming shortly. Raghav says he always fought with his past and kept his feelings to his heart but today, he don't know why he feel like telling it to her. There was no one after that who could give him a shoulder. Raghav then decides to reveals to Kalpana about his past life and the reason for his loneliness that everyone was with him on a purpose and no one knew the lonely Raghav. That's why he became rude like this. She is here now and he feel like everything is gone and he want to share his everything with her. He want to tell her everything. Kalpana asks what hurt him so much? He says the bitter truths of his life. The people he loved always left him or he was forced to go away. His father left him, and his mother, she left him and his father when they needed her the most.
Meanwhile Neetu and her husband Sahil discuss about how they ruined the lives of Gauri's entire family. Sahil says that Gauri never left Singhaniya but they forced her too. They produced doubt between them and they couldn't remove Singhaniya from their way. Mummy ji overhears all this.
Raghav too narrates to Kalpana how his father was killed by some unknown people and that he saw when the workers were protesting and her father was along with them. Before Vitthal came in, he heard some noises from his father's room. When he went to look, someone did hit him as well. Kalpana asks who were they? Raghav says he don't know and he was shocked to see his father like that. He was killed and his eyes are still in his mind. When he woke up, they told him he got a carrdiac arrest but he knew that he was killed.
It was Sahil who murdered Raghav's father. Sahil says they gave him that heart attack as he was not accepting his deal. He went to his home from the back door and his men killed him. Gauri came there too but he don't know how. Then he hit Raghav as well and his men ran after Gauri and she met with an accident. The police took her from there but she couldn't tell anything. While Sahil is narrating the entire story of his hideous crimes to Neetu, his mother hears everything.
Raghav says she came back and they tried to find her. Kalpana says mabe she doesn't know. He refuses that his mother knows everything. He asks why did she do this to him. She was his mother but she had an affair with someone. Kalpana says maybe there was a misunderstanding. Raghav says she would have come to hold him back and he felt like his mother dumped him all his life. Kalpana hugs him to comfort him.
Sahil further says they sent a lot of people after her. Mummy ji comes in and she is extremely furious with him and asks how can he be such an evil person and she feels bad to know his reality. She feel ashamed to call him her son. She slaps him and tells him not to call her mother as his mother is dead. She asks what he got by making Raghav an orphan and just for a factory, he destroyed a family. She never knew he was a murderer. She swears to inform the police everything and that she is going right now and they have an arguement as Nettu asks why she is doing this. Mummy ji says she is involved in her husband crime as well and they are still after Raghav. Sahil stops mummy ji. Mummy ji insists on informing everything to the police but suddenly mummy ji slips and falls down the stairs. Pakhi comes in and sees her Daadi fallen down the stairs. She runs to her but she is not opening her eyes.
Kamla is extremely worried about Kalpana while Kalpana is with Raghav. She wonders why is she not receiving her call. Raghav tells Kalpana that his mother had an affair with someone. She says maybe there was some misunderstandings. He refuses to believe that she is not and says his mother would have come to him after his father's death. He have spent his whole life with this bitterness. Kalpana hugs him to comfort him. Kamla opens the door to look for Kalpana. Vitthal says it's a big scale party and she will be back. Kamla says they are not from those people and Kalpana should have called at least. She decides to call her once again. Raghav says he feel really good to share all this with her. He then says he will show her the pictures of his mother and he took it from her because he didn’t want her to see her picture. He starts showing her pictures and he is about to show her Gauri's photos but the current goes off and Kalpana can’t see Gauri’s picture. Kalpana says she guess his meter has tripped. Ragahv says when will the electrician come. Kalpana asks where is the meter box. Raghav asks how will she find it in darkness. He tell her to wait while he get a candle. On the other hand, Kamla tells Vitthal that Pakhi has left already. Vitthal decides to go and look for her. Raghav takes Kalpana to the board and she checks it and tell him she is used to it. She turns the fuse on. Sammy comes there and coughs to alert them his present. Kamla prays that Kalpana gets back home safely. Raghav offer to drop her and Sammy says he have a conference call and he will drop her. Kalpana is worried on her way back home. Sammy says she should call her mother that she is on the way. Kalpana refuses that her mother would be angry to know that she is with a guy. Sammy tells her to smile and reminds that how specail was her day. To Kamla's relief Kalpana arrives home with Sammy.
Kalpana tells her mother that the party actually went late so she didn’t come. Kamla says she you should have come. Kalpana says Pakhi was with her. Kamla again asks who she was with? Kalpana says Pakhi not knowing that her mother have earlier call Pakhi. Kamla is shocked when her daughter lies about being with Pakhi during the night. Vitthal too is shocked as she lie. Vitthal tells her to go and sleep. Kamla is upset and Vitthal follows her and pacify her that at least their daughter is back and they should go to bed too. Kamla says she is worried that their daughter is lying to them that she was with Pakhi. She saw her when Sammy dropped her and not Pakhi. Kamla gets a call from Pakhi about her grand mother's condition. Worried, Kamla rushes to Pakhi's home along with Vitthal. Kamla goes in while Vitthal waits outside. Kamla asks Nettu if she can stay with them until mummy ji is okay. Nettu refuses and tell her to go. She will stay with her mother in-law and tell Kamla to take some rest. Kamla asks Pakhi to stay strong.
Next day Kalpana wakes up very happy. She recalls last night with Raghav and smile constanty. She hugs Kamla and wishes her good morning. She asks Vitthal how is mummy ji? Vitthal says she is okay. Kalpana leaves, Kamla is worried about Kalpana's strange behaviour and tells Vitthal to look at the way she is smiling and wants to have a talk with her. Vitthal wants Kamla to understand things and handle it properly and also to stay patient.
Sammy asks Raghav if he missing her. He decides to call her. He takes Sammy’s phone and calls Kalpana. Kamla sees Kalpana’s phone and realize that she forgot it at home. After Kamla and Vitthal see a call from Sammy on her phone Vitthal decides to talk to her. Kamla receives the call but Raghav disconnects it. Sammy laughs at Raghav while Raghav says he is so nervous to talk to her. Sammy says Kamla is his girlfriend’s mother now. Vitthal tells to Kalpana they want talk about something and they both think that as her her mother is so worried for her. He asks her to tell him if she like some guy? Kalpana is shocked at his question.

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