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MMM Office beats top websites, becomes the 6th most visited website in Nigeria


Despite the campaign by the House of Representatives, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation and other financial bodies against the viral Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Movement, MMM, it has has continued to flourish due to the seeming hunger to make quick money.

MMM rides on the wings of belief, greed and a failing economy to flourish in Nigeria despite its negative history and bad publicity as a Ponzi scheme.

Nigerians have found solace in the scheme in the face of scathing economic hardship that has compounded the woes of the masses. As at today – 11th of November, 2016, MMM Office which is the basecamp of the pyramid community became the 6th most visited website in Nigeria according to ranked as the most visited site in Nigeria according to Alexa ratings. This was followed by,,, and MMM Office gallantly occupies the 6th position.

This is a yardstick to measure the heavy patronage enjoyed by the website which promises a 30% return on investment for Nigeria running helter-skelter for financial cover.

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It would be recalled that online money making ventures, whether genuine or not, seem to always find entry and acceptance within the Nigerian populace. Several systems have come and gone, with over 90% of them ending up as well orchestrated scams, yet every new entry finds a way of being embraced by Nigerians.

MMM has since being banned in China and South Africa for monumental fraud.

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