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What Is Masculinity? The Truth Behind What Women Want in Men

#2 Proactive. A real man isn’t lying on the couch every day, waiting for his girlfriend to bring him a beer. Instead, he’s up and moving. He wants to do things with his life, he wants to enjoy the moments and get things done.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t sit down and crack open a beer. But you’re not letting your life waste away while everyone else is doing the work for you.

#3 He understands that a relationship is a partnership. Many men think that to be a man, you should be in control and dominant in a relationship. Which is wrong. A relationship is about two people in partnership. Both have good and bad qualities. But you support each other and use your strengths to work together.

It’s not about the man bringing home the bacon, it’s a team effort. A real man sees this and uses this partnership to benefit both people.

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