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What Is Masculinity? The Truth Behind What Women Want in Men

As a man, you’ve heard this come from hundreds of women, “I want a real man.” It sounds great on paper, but what is masculinity and manhood really?

Every man I’ve encountered has been puzzled by the whole concept of “masculinity.” Okay, they understand what masculinity is, however, many of them are confused by what women find to be masculine. And you know what, I completely agree with them. But the same thing can be said for femininity, what is it exactly? There’s no actual answer for it because everyone has their own ideas of what is masculinity or femininity.

When it comes to humans, nothing is what it seems. Women say they want a nice guy. However, not someone who’s a pushover.

If you’re rolling your eyes, I feel ya. What does that even mean? So, they want a nice guy but if you’re the nice guy, you know very well that they don’t want that… because you’re probably still single. But don’t worry, you’ll get your chance, just be patient.

What is masculinity? 10 traits that make you a man

So, with all these opposing thoughts, it seems like there is no definition of masculinity. But that’s where you’re wrong. At the end of the day, there is a consistent belief of what masculinity is that runs strong within women.

No, you don’t have to have a beard.

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#1 Self-awareness. This is possibly the most important trait in a man: self-awareness. We all have flaws and bad days, but being aware of your behavior and how it affects others is a huge part of masculinity.

Assholes don’t give a shit about what they do to other people, but a man is someone who actually considers other people’s feelings. In other words, he acts like a human being.

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