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LOL. This has to be the best video from Airtel ever! — Watch!

You might think this is a sponsored post or what’s not.. But No.. It’s not. Was watching a video by King Bach online and an ad interrupted.. I was patiently waiting to skip the ad.. (The normal 5 seconds thing on YouTube).

So when the ad started, I saw Sanyeri Afonja in a white shirt and bow tie screaming “Kamoru Ki lo shele” (Kamoru What’s wrong?”, then his mechanic replied “Sheybi mo ti so fun yii tele, nkan kekere ni” (I’ve told you before, it’s a small issue”.. Then Sanyeri threw him his car keys ..

Then I was interested in the ad, being that Sanyeri is one of my favorite actors. I couldn’t skip the ad, I was already smiling.. I watched this ad till the end and even searched for the ad on youtube to watch again.

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This has to be one of the best ad by a AIRTEL! They totally killed it. The idea, concept and everything was top notch! Big ups to Airtel!

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post, We appreciate good works.. and we had to appreciate this one!

Watch the ad below:

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