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Harrysong (@iammrsongz) : I Wrote Majority Of The Songs Released By Five Star Music


, Nigerian singer and songwriter, who recently announced his exit from Five Star Music and the formation of Alter Plate, his independently-owned music company, has come out to say he wrote a bulk of the songs released by the artistes signed to Five Star Music, his former record label.

Harrysong, told a popular daily  in an interview that despite being responsible for majority of Kcee, Xbusta and Skiibii’s songs, the label would not crumble under the weight of his departure.

Read his words below:

“I have learnt all through the years from Question mark to Five Star, my contract expired at Five Star expired and I progressed to open Altar Plate, there is no beef or quarrel. This is what I want to do and I am doing it.

When I was signed under Five Star, I wrote majority of the songs but my departure from Five Star does not mean that it would crumble.

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They have talented people like Kcee, Skibii and Xbusta. I came in with my own sound and I have left with my sound. They have their own sound and they will go with that.”

“Five Star is not contributing Altar Plate, this is all about Harrysong. We have our website and our social media platform to keep fans updated about our activities.

“There is no possibility of returning to Five Star. My contract has expired and I have started Altar Plate so there is no going back but I will always appreciate them. If I am called upon to do anything, maybe write a song, I will’.

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