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Seema comes to Mayank's room and pretends that she is sorry. He tells his mother that Gunjan is in Rachna's room and she decides to go there and say sorry to both girls.
Gunjan is very excited and happy as she is the only one who knows. Rachna says she does not want to tell her uncle's and wants to become her father's son. Gunjan supports her decision, Rachan adds that Vihaan is with.
Hearing this, Gunjan screams Vihaan and Seema enters the room. The duo are both shocked but Seema talks about the incident on the dining table and Gunjan says she does not mind then she says the same to Rachna who says she does not mind either.
Rachna thinks something is fishy as Seema apologized and Gunjan puts her doubts to rest. Gunjan gets up early next morning and tells Shail she will learn everything gradually and start with the pooja.
Seema is happy and thinks its better to use ‘Love’ like Sangeeta suggested. Gunjan does the arti and offers prasad to Seema and Bua. Seema tells her to get medicines for Bua and make a glass of warm water for her.
Rachna says she needs to go to college early and can't have breakfast which Gunjan prepared. Gunjan gives her a box with breakfast for two. Gunjan wakes Mayank up with a coffee and asks him if he can take a loan to help Dayal. Mayank says he will do something and not to worry.
Vihaan took an old room as an office for Rachna’s creations rather than facing problems. Vihaan also talks for increasing the size of their business and both works for the room to let it look like an office and the scene also follows some romantic moments.
On the other hand, Dayal is shown to have a convo with the creditor, the creditor asks to repay him the money.
Dayal asks Shail that they have to pay back an amount of Rs. 15 lakh within one month and he can arrange 5 lakh within no time but the problem is with 10 lakh and then Mayank comes there and gives him a cheque of 5 lakh.
He asks that he will be arranging some more amount after for some time. Dayal refuses to take the check from him but Mayank forces him and Dayal gets ready.
But the two witches got burnt and in her room Seema blames Gunjan for it. Seema comments that girls like Gunjan can be girlfriend but she can’t be someone’s wife.
Then in the morning, Seema brings bed coffee for the couple. Seema tries to create problem between the couple. Mayank demands aaloo ka paratha in his breakfast. Gunjan fails to do that and Rachna helps her.
Rachna later gets ready for college, Shail asks her to do breakfast. Rachna is asked by Shail whether she had completed her project or not. Rachna asks as for which project she is asking and Shail replied that she had meet with Prabhu yesterday in the market and Rachna got trapped in her lie.
But somehow Gunjan managed to save her. Shail tells Prabhi that today she is very happy to see him watching newspaper, he replies that he is happy because of Mayank as he fulfilled the need of a son in his life. Shail and Rachna felt that line.
Rachna leaving for college sadly. Shail sees her plate of food unfinished. Gunjan complains about how difficult it is to make breakfast and admires the women who do it on a daily basis. Mayank then asks her for his shirt, belt and socks which annoyed Gunjan as he doesn’t take it himself.
Mayank then asks Gunjan to skip college to take his mother to the doctor for her sprain. Gunjan says she can’t because she has to collect her examination ticket.
Mayank then tells her that his mother will be suffering in pain. Seema pretends to be in pain and Mayank tells his mother that he won’t go to work and will take her to the doctor. Gunjan comes to apply a pain relief spray for Seema.
She asks Seema which leg is it and Seema says the right and Gunjan tells her she thought it was the left since she was walking with her right. Mayank asks if Gunjan wants to go to college and she says she will get her bag.
He asks her to get his brown file too. Seema tells him not to trouble Gunjan and she will take it but Mayank says for her to rest and let Gunjan handle the work.
Gunjan grumbles that Mayank is spoilt and it's all because of Seema. She takes his file and puts it in the bag. Gunjan gives it to Mayank and says does he need her to carry it as well. He asks if she would go to college like that and to look at her face.
Gunjan sees that flour is on her face. Mayank tries to pacify her and she scolds him for not being able to do his own work. She says she has a lot to do and he promises to clean his part of the room and take his own things.
They are about to leave and Gunjan notices his shoe laces are untied and Seema asks Gunjan for a cup of water. Mayank offers to get Seema a magazine when she pretends to try and get it herself. Seema then removes the file from Mayank’s bag.
They tell her to take care and leave. Rachna thinks of how Dayal says that Mayank filled the void of a son in his life. Vihaan comes there and sees Rachana lost in thought. He asks her and she says that why is it believed that only boys can keep the respect of the family and not girls and can’t girls bring honour to the family.
Vihaan says that many girls in the world have brought honour to their family and that many boys in her place won’t be able to do what she is doing and even he won’t be able to even think about it. Rachna asks so does he think that girls are better than boys and Vihaan agrees.
Rachna says he is doing a lot for her and he replies to her that he’s doing it because he loves her. They promote a movie named Issaq Tera and Vihaan sings a song from the movie. Rachna then says they need to go and also to buy the things.
Mayank is at his office and the boss tells Mayank to present first. Mayank agrees and opens his bag to look for the file and can’t find it.
He thinks that Gunjan forgot to put the file in the bag. Seema tells Sangeeta that she took the file out of Mayank’s bag to make him realise that he still needs his mother and his wife can never take her place.
The shopkeeper is telling Vihaan that they won’t get the things till they pay the full amount. Vihaan says they don’t have the full sum and will pay the balance soon.
The shopkeeper still doesn’t agree. The owner hears the noise and comes to see. He then tells Vihaan he doesn’t believe in credit and tells them to try their luck somewhere else.
Rachana thinks of how Dayal says he has to return the money in a month and she tells Vihaan they need the stuff today.
She then talks to the owner and tells him how much of money did he have when he started and he says not much.
She tells him that he must have had someone supporting him and being there for him and that’s why he reached from nothing to such great heights.
She says even she is looking for a person like that who would believe her. She says that if he helps she can reach her dreams.

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