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Shabnam tells herself that she is sure that Durgardevi is helping Siddharth, but she won’t let them unite. Kunal comes there and calls Shabbu darling and asking where she is? Shabnam gets angry and goes to talk to him.
Durgardevi gets inside Shabnam’s room and checks the box which is empty. Bansi asks Kunal if he has gone mad and asks what he is doing since morning.
Durgardevi takes the courier slip and goes. Shabnam asks what happened? Kunal gives the gifts to Shabnam. Shabnam asks him to give the gifts to Roshni as she is his wife.
Shabnam tells Roshni that Kunal is teasing her and she will keep the gifts in her room. Kunal tells Roshni that he forgot about her. Roshni says it is okay. Kunal is surprised and confused. Durgardevi meets Siddharth. Siddharth tells her they have to go to the courier company.
He gets Kunal’s call and talks to him as Jyoti and asks him to do as she says. He tells Durgardevi that he is fixing Kunal with Shabnam.
Later Jyoti Tai come up with another plan against Shabnam. She gives juice/drink to Shabnam and Kunal. They both drink the juice and Shabnam suddenly feels her head is heavy. She imagines Kunal as Siddharth. Kunal sees Roshni in Shabnam.
Shabnam asks why is he looking at her like this thinking Kunal is Siddharth while Kunal is standing in the swimming pool and lifts her. They dance in the pool while the song Aaj Dikhade Mujhe Love Karke song plays in the background. Jyoti Tai enjoys their romance happily.
Siddharth wake Roshni up and just as she wake up, she gets shocked to finds Siddharth sitting next to her and tells him he is taking illegitimate advantage of her memory loss.
Siddharth says illegitimate advantage, and asks Roshni to look for her husband, Kunal. Roshni goes out of the room and she is shocked to find Kunal sleeping with Shabnam near the swimming pool and yells at Kunal. Everyone come there.
Premal asks what Kunal is doing here. Roshni says she will think about their relation. She scolds Shabnam and asks if sisters snatch their sister’s husband. Kunal tries to explain Roshni that things are not the way she is perceiving them and that he was just sitting with Shabnam.
An angry Roshni shouts at Kunal that she have seen him with her own eyes and walks away and hugs Jyoti and is then followed by Bansi. Everyone makes faces and goes. Durgardevi thinks Siddharth’s plan is successful.
Shabnam tries snatching Durgardevi’s phone, but Durgardevi doesn’t give Shabnam her phone. Shabnam tells her that she know Durgardevi is meeting up with Siddharth, and it was her plan.
Durgardevi replies to her that she is guilty conscious, and she is forcing Kunal towards Roshni, but she can see that he is not a good man.
Shabnam says just look who is standing in front of Durgardevi and asks if she don’t know her. Durgardevi asks her to do whatever she can do, and she also expect her to do something else. She adds that she is proud of herself as she can bear so much. She asks her to get out of her room.
When Bansi comes to Roshni and scolds her for shouting at Kunal. When Roshni suddenly begins to speak English and tells Bansi that Kunal was sleeping with Shabnam keeping hand around her neck.
She asks if husband do like this to his wife and keep blabbering about the scene. Premal alerts Bansi that Roshni is speaking in English.
A smile spread on Siddharth's face as he is able to see a ray of hope in healing Roshni's mental condition. Roshni remembers that she knows this English language too. Bansi tells Roshni that Kunal spend money on her education. Siddharth thinks Siddharth Roshni is coming back.
Shabnam scolds Kunal for sleeping with her. Kunal tells her he don’t have any interest in her. Shabnam tries to make him understand that it is Siddharth and Durgardevi’s conspiracy. Kunal says he is not interested to hear her and leaves.
Shabnam goes to Roshni and tells her that nothing had happened between her and Kunal and tries to make her understand that she is innocent.
Shabnam sees the bracelet in her hand and questions her. Roshni scolds her for trapping her husband and asks her to leave. Shabnam thinks it is given by Siddharth and she can’t let him win.
Siddharth calls Roshni and asks her to meet him at Sai Shakti Chawl in 30 minutes. Roshni refuses to meet him. Siddharth insists he will be waiting. Roshni then decides to go. Kunal asks where she is going? Roshni asks who is he? She then leaves.
Shabnam tells Kunal that something is going on in her mind for sure. He follows Roshni. Roshni comes to the place while Siddharth is performing a skit staging their dating moments, love, marriage etc. She gets flashes in black. Kabhi Na Kehna Alvida song plays in the background. Bunty and his men in disguise of eunuchs stop Shabnam and gets her busy.
Shabnam gives them money and goes. Roshni sees a girl killing Siddharth, and gets flashes of Shabnam killing Siddharth. She runs from there. Shabnam comes there and looks for Roshni. Siddharth comes to Roshni. She hugs him and calls Siddharth name.
Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. Roshni breaks the hug. Siddharth asks if she is still doubting him again. He says it is the moments of their life, and he is still part of her life.
He asks her to try to remember. Roshni tells him she could’t remember and it is appearing as if someone clicked the pictures and left negatives with her. She asks him not to force her to remember, else her nerves will blast.
Roshni tells Siddharth that she couldn’t remember anything and is feeling as if her nerves will rupture. She calls him Siddharth. Siddharth is thrilled to hear Roshni say his name aloud, he holds her and says she have called him by the name Siddharth as this name is part of her, her life, her soul and etc.
He tells Roshni her memory is returning slowly and asks her to join the broken images and conclude. Just then Shabnam comes there and sees a man keeping hand on Roshni’s shoulder but Siddharth disappears from there as soon as he sees Shabnam there. Shabnam asks Roshni if Siddharth came there.
Roshni says this can’t happen and looks for Siddharth. Shabnam thinks once again Siddharth have managed to meet her, and thinks this can’t happen again. Siddharth reaches home disguised as a woman but he forgets to take off his shoe.
Bansi comes there and asks her why she is wearing man’s shoes. Jyoti makes an excuse about having old thinking and that she is jogging in sports shoes. She asks her to promise that she will do exercise with her. Bansi refuses and leaves.
Durgardevi and Naani reach the hospital to enquiry about Shabnam after showing the ward boy Shabnam picture but ward boy is aware of the situation and does not tell her anything. Naani sees Roshni’s report and shows it to Durgardevi.
Durgardevi is about to read it, just then a man comes there and snatches the report from her hand saying it is his daughter’s report. Durgardevi apologizes and leaves. The man tells the ward boy that they are saved today and have to inform Shabnam about it.
Roshni speaks to Jyoti Tai and confides in her that she doesn’t feel good with Kunal and don’t feel like husband and wife relation with him. She tells Jyoti that she feels for Siddharth and he seems to be her near one. She hugs Jyoti.
He says when there is more problems in her life and her mind give up, then she should listen to her heart. She tells Roshni that boy is entering her heart slowly, and if her heart says that she should meet him then she should meet him.
Roshni hugs her that she feel good with her too, just like she feel with Siddharth. Siddharth hugs her and says she too. Siddharth calls Raj and tells him that Roshni is nearing to gain her memory back and called him Siddharth today. Raj asks him to be positive.
Premal brings film tickets and asks Jyoti to come along with him. Jyoti tells him she can’t leave without Roshni. Premal says he have also made arrangement for her. Later, Bansi tells Roshni that she understands her and decides to take her outside along with her inspire of Shabnam's warning.
She falls down in the muddy water and goes to wash her face. Raj, Simran and Siddharth are there. Simran tells them Roshni is alone. Roshni reminiscences Siddharth giving her bracelet and smiles. Just then Siddharth comes there and tries to make her remember him.
Roshni says her nerves feel like rupturing when she tries to recollect. They have an eye lock and romance follows while a song Tum ho pass mere song plays in the background. Bansi comes back and looks for Roshni.
Simran and Raj are shocked. Raj calls Siddharth and asks him to leave from there. Siddharth tells Roshni that her memory will be regained soon. Bansi comes there and asks Roshni if Siddharth came here. Shabnam asks her to tell them.
Bansi raises her hand on Roshni to slap her, but Siddharth holds her hand and asks her to take her hand back. He warns her not to raise her hand on Roshni again and that he will meet Roshni again and again as she is his.

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