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Doctors Use Saw & Bolt Cutters To Remove Ring Stuck On A Man’s P*nis While He Was Using It For S*x



A man has landed in trouble after his p*nis stuck in a ring while using the object for his sexual satisfaction.

Doctors in Bangkok, Thailand have saved a man’s life after his p*nis stuck in a metal c*** ring he was using for cex. Dostos rallied round and used bolt cutters to remove the ring.

The man has now been saved after emergency services had to be called in to take him to the nearest hospital in the area. Horrifying images show the 2ft long boltcutters and a hacksaw used to cut off the small ring.

C*** rings are c*x toys used by men who want to maintain erections. Jakchai Banyensakul shared the photos on his Facebook.
A volunteer rescue worker Jack Bansakul said is quoted as saying: “The man put the metal alloy ring on his pen!s for some kind of secx game at home.
“I’m not sure if it was one he’d bought from a shop or something he found in the garage.
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“But he hadn’t measured himself properly and when his pen!s expanded he could not remove it.
“He was very worried and in a lot of discomfort,” he continued.
“He called the emergency services and volunteer rescue workers had to take him to hospital. He was in so much pain he couldn’t get there himself.




“The doctors used lubrication to try and slide the ring off but it was still stuck.
“They had to use a saw and pliers to stretch the ring and then pull it off,” Jack added.
“He was very sore afterwards and a bit embarrassed but thankful to still be able to use his p*nis properly.”

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