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Crazy jeans, the new obsession

Where's denim fashion headed?
Where’s denim fashion headed?

Back in the day, the smallest tear in one’s dress would mean it got tossed or mended; depending on the degree of the tear.

These days though…

It started innocently with just a little cut at the knee

And it was considered cool, really cool.


It then got a little crazier, but not in a bad way

She sure slays in crazy
She sure slays in crazy


It became an excuse to show off the thighs

even dear Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade
Mercy Aigbe as well


… until it went completely out of hand!

Tiwa in very ripped jeans
his trousers probably got turn, he ripped it out!!
What’s really going on?
Her sheer top and the jeans leave little to imagination


Now, Kanye is trying to make ripped tops a fad. That’s fine

Kanye took it to a whole other level
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