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7 Signs You And Your Close Freind(S) Are Now Drifting Apart


Sometimes when friends start to grow apart one of the friends might assume maybe there is an issue or the other is now proud because he now has money but that usually isn’t the case, Life changes people.The average person has a personality change about once every 7 years. Now, sometimes this is so subtle that it goes unnoticed. However, sometimes it comes on drastically and can ruin friendships.

1. YOUR INTERESTS AREN’T SIMILAR ANYMORE: Just like with opinions and beliefs, your interests are a bridge that keep the two of you connected. When that bridge is severed, do you really think you’ll be walking across it as much as you used to? If you start liking a different kind of music, movie, or even lifestyle and they like the opposite, it’s less opportunity for the two of you to spend time together or discuss your favorite reads—which means you will, inevitably, grow apart.

2. YOUR DESIRE TO TALK TO THEM ISN’T AS STRONG AS BEFORE: If you’re finding that you don’t really care to talk to them that much anymore, it could be a sign you’re growing apart. This could be for a lot of reasons. Maybe you can’t muster the effort. Maybe you’re worried they wouldn’t care about what you have to say, or find it interesting. When you’re attached at the hip or really close with someone, you tell them just about everything. If that has changed, it means you’re no longer as close as you once were.

3. YOU NOW IGNORE THEIR CALLS: And you do so without remorse. You find that you just don’t want to pick up the phone and talk to them. It might be a very little thing, because people find so many ways to justify not answering. You’re “busy,” can’t talk at the moment, or even just “didn’t get it.” But honestly, there’s a reason you aren’t picking up when you would’ve answered on the first ring before.

4. YOU FIND THEM ANNOYING: This is also a very subtle sign that you’re growing apart because, honestly, you can get annoyed by anybody. However, if you’re always irritated with someone when they don’t really do anything to spark it, it could mean that you’re growing apart. This happened to me and a roommate of mine. We used to be friends *obviously, since we moved in together* but after a while, just her being in the room was enough to annoy the heck out of me. We grew apart and I didn’t even know it at the time.

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5. YOU NOW HAVE NEW PEOPLE WHO ARE MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU: When your newest friends rank above the person who used to be #1 on all your lists, you’ve begun to grow apart. When there are more important people that keep sliding in spots above them, you’ve already grown apart.

6. YOU’RE NOT REALLY BOTHERED IF YOU DON’T SEE THEM ANYMORE: You haven’t seen this person in two weeks and you couldn’t really care less. That’s how you know that you’ve really grown apart. When you’re close to someone, you want to see them as often as you can. When you’ve grown apart from someone, the desire to see their face and interact with them just isn’t there anymore.

7. YOUR CLIQUE OF FRIENDS HAS SHIFTED: You more than likely had a certain friend group with this person. The two of you hung out with them all the time and they might have been the glue that really kept the two of you together. But now you hang out with one group while they hang out with another, and don’t see each other too often. Getting into a new group of friends that they don’t share with you is a sign you’re growing apart.

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