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6 street foods every Nigerian loves

A man arranges sticks of meat on a mud platform for roasting in the ancient city of Kano 19 April, 2007. Roasted meat on sticks popularly known as 'Suya' is a common delicacy in northern Nigeria. AFP PHOTO PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

These foods are not just a means to quenching hunger, they also stand as a form of identity of the people who eat them. And you can’t claim to be Nigerian if at least two of these aren’t among your favourites.

1. Puff puff

puff puff

Good ol’ puff puff is one of everybody’s favourite. Made with flour, yeast, sugar, nutmeg, some salt and water, it’s been saving lives and serving as breakfast for many Nigerians since the beginning of time.

No one can resist the delicious goodness of soft, brown puff puff.

2. Akara

Akara and Fried yam

Bean cake, popularly known as Akara, is made with ground beans and some seasoning.

It is most times sold alongside fried yam and potatoes, and has been serving a good purpose in the lives of hungry Nigerians.

3. Suya


Yummy, delicious, peppery suya can never ever go wrong.

This mostly evening-time delicacy has always been one of the reasons Nigerian citizens appreciate ‘abokis’ so much. They provide us with suya and we cannot thank them enough!


4. Roasted or boiled corn

roasted corn

If there’s any reason why the average Nigerian looks forward to the rainy season, it is to experience the full goodness of corn. It is typically in full bloom during the wet season and will forever be worth the wait.

Whether roasted or boiled, served with pear or coconut, corn is amazing and does wonders to the tongue, throat and all the taste buds in the mouth.

5. Boli with groundnut or fish


Boli is roasted, usually ripe plantain and it is often times sold with either groundnut or fish.

It is sold in almost every street corner, which is a blessing because once that boli craving kicks in, you cannot resist it. No one can.

6. Ewa agoyin and bread

ewa agoyin-bread

Ewa agoyin is locally made overcooked beans served with a sauce that is a combination of palm oil, pepper and a little bit of tomatoes. Trust us, this is not your regular beans.

If you have never ever tried ewa agoyin and you consider yourself a Nigerian, then please, what have you been doing with your life? This food is heaven on earth, especially when eaten with bread.

Tell us, which is your favourite of the lot?

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