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5 Reasons Never to Sign-up With Linda Ikeji’s (@lindaikeji) Social


This is just an expert ISP opinion by name TimiGate and I do not completely agree with some of the points pointed out here but will love to know what you think.

I’m pretty sure when you mention blogging in Nigeria, the first thing that will come to your mind is Lindaikeji. I admire her giant leap into doing new things but at this time, when preparation meet opportunity, an invention is born… but in her case, should we called this inadequate preparation or what?

Here are the 5 Reasons Extracted From TimiGate

  1. The site is annoyingly slow!
    02:08.16 That is the average time it takes for the home page to be displayed on LIS. 2 minutes and 8 seconds. Within this period, I was able to log on to facebook four times, youtube five times, Nairaland eight times. The most annoying part is that most of the times the site is inaccessible.
  1. 2. Security concern
    Linda revealed that she contacted a web developer to start work on the development of LIS after having a meeting with two women. Well, it is a known fact that Linda unlike Mark Zuckerberg or Seun Osewa is not an IT professional. Why then would anyone want to trust her with sensitive information? The level of agreement entered into with the web developer is unknown. In event that there is a breach in contractual terms, users will surfer.
  1. Followership
    Except you are a celebrity, I don’t see how you will be able to amass 50000 followers on this platform. Why would 50k people follow you when you are not a celeb? Nigerian celebs are too comfortable on there high horses either to want to delve into the followership business of LIS. If you don’t have 50k followers, you don’t get a bite of the advertisement money. This is just a way of Linda saying sorry, I can’t share my money with you.
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  1. 1k per post
    This is Linda saying Though  I cant share my bread with you, you can still get the crumbs! Except you you want to do it because you have been doing it for free, I dont see how 1k can spur someone into writing lengthy posts and endangering his/her life by taking the pictures of armed police men taking bribes on the road. These is just a marketing strategy where it is announced world over that you can make money on LIS yet you cant find someone who has done such.
  1. 5. Nothing new
    While Linda said it was born out of the need to bring Lindaikejisblog and facebook together on one platform, LIS has no new features that make her a substitute for facebook. While it is possible to make calls on facebook, it isn’t on LIS.

What do you think?

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