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Tauji greets him with love and affection, while Shaurya touches his feet to take his blessings. Mandira too comes in asking for being hugged and Tauji picks her in his lap, after Samrat introduces her as Diwaker’s daughter. Samrat leaves with Tauji to introduec him to his guests. After they leave, Shashi refuses to believe that this is the old Tauji. Her husband says that he is like that only, and that this is just a pretense. Samrat takes Tauji to the balcony, and introduces him to everyone as his life, the person who’s responsible for his existence, and that he may have been given birth by his parents, but he’s responsible for what he is today, and that he is his mdoel, and inspiration. Samrat’s father is hurt and disappointed. Urmi too watches tensely. Samrat asks for the cake to be brought. Urmi leaves and gets the cake along with Mukti.

Saroj tells Granny that this is the reason due to which Samrat is so brash. Granny says that it’s quite visible.

When Urmi comes with the cake, the guests compliment the cake and Kanchan tells them that Urmi made this. Aditi shows it to Shaurya too. Shaurya is happy to see his own photo on the cake and says that she loves mummy for having made such a beautiful cake. Samrat gets angry as Urmi starts placing candles on it, and is unhappy with Shaurya’s love for Urmi. He eyes the knife and then the cake, and gets tensed and in a rage. Samrat gets furious when the cake for Shaurya appears in front of everybody which has Shaurya’s picture on it, and this cake was brought by Urmi specially for her son. Samrat asks it to be taken away and candles in the middle. He says that he won’t stand a cake that cuts the face of his son. He throws off the candles, which shocks and hurts Urmi. Urmi asks why is he thinking like this. He asks what should he think as he says what he sees.

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