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Shaurya’s birthday is being celebrated with the entire family. Everybody is waiting for the cake to be cut but Samrat is waiting for ‘Tauji’ to come. Samrat insults his own brother in front of everybody because he reached late to pick up ‘Tauji’ from the station. Suddenly a huge cake appears on the scene and to everybody’s surprise ‘Tauji’ appears from inside the cake. Urmi stands shocked as she recognizes ‘Tauji’ and she realises that he in fact is the very man who she had a heated argument with. She tries to hide herself under a veil out of fear.

At Samrat’s residence, Samrat calls them all to take Tauji’s blessings. Tauji says that they all should be scared of him as always, as he is as fearful. When Samrat’s father takes blessings, Tauji taunts him too, and then he along with Samrat, turns his attention towards the ladies, and enquires about Samrat’s wife. Samrat says that they have covered their head, for respect. But Tauji says that in the modern world, this isn’t needed, and Samrat’s Tauji asks all the ladies to remove their veil from their faces. Urmi is frightened. Samrat asks if he is serious. Tauji says the veil is hiding many wrongs. Kanchan and Shashi take it off, and instantly take Tauji’s blessings. Shashi then asks Urmi to go ahead. She keeps the veil, and touches his feet. Tauji says that she maybe new, but the signs are old, and asks her to remove the veil, so that they may see how Samrat’s wife looks. When she doesn’t respond much, Mandira comes and playfully takes the veil off, and Tauji meets Urmi.

They both are shocked, as they remember the previous encounter. Tauji refers to her as an atom bomb. Samrat is shocked and asks if he knows her. Tauji says that he doesn’t but now would get to know her very well, and that her time is up. Tauji asks if she talks much. Urmi’s family is tensed for her. Samrat tells his uncle that she does, but he keeps her in control. He asks how does Tauji know. Tauji says that it was instinctive, and asks how his shoes are. Urmi is shocked. Samrat says these look good. Tauji gives a double statement, which only Urmi understands why he is talking so. Tauji then lets the matter go, and then asks about Samrat’s son. Urmi goes to get him, but Samrat stops her and says that he would get his son. He leaves. Tauji faces Urmi with consternation, as her eyes well up with tears. Samrat’s father introduces Tauji to Urmi’s family. Granny asks Tauji, how come he didn’t come to Samrat’s marriage. Tauji asks about Granny’s name, and then refers to her by her name and then adds ji ( Ma ), and says that after his wife’s death, he got on a world tour, as he got bored of this materialistic life but finally he was drawn back to this world, due to the propsect of meeting his grandchild. Samrat gets his son, Shaurya.

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