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Later, when Trisha reaches her hostel room. She finds everyone gathered up, and the police and people frantically trying to search out and is shocked to see the warden searching her room. The police warden that is bribed blames her for drug consumption. Trisha is shocked. She tries to vehemently deny, while she is accused of partying in the night and then hallucinating in the morning, and getting everyone in tension. She is shown the drug packet that was revealed from her room. She is astounded as to how it could have happened. The guard begins to reprimand her too, for her callous behaviour. Trisha tries to make them believe but as all evidence goes against her, she is cornered by the officials. Trisha is distarught as she is insulted in front of everyone. The warden tells her that owing to her behaviour, her admission is cancel, and that she isn’t a part of this Academy and this hostel anymore. Trisha is distraught, and asks them to believe her, as her efforts would be in ruin. The official says if they have gone to the police, she would have landed in jail. The warden too says that to protect the respect of this academy, they didnt report her to the police. She gives Trisha one day’s notice to leave the academy and vacate the room. Trisha is distraught.

At Samrat’s residence, Samrat tells someone on the phone, that he doesn’t want to file a police complaint but wants to search himself first. Shashi starts reprimanding Urmi for such careless behaviour, and how she had warned Urmi not to go outside. Kanchan says that there must have been something big, or else she would never have done something like this. While all are tensed, and Samrat is desperately trying her cell phone, Kanchan lest out a scream, as she finds Urmi, on the main door, in a dishellevelled state, with mud and dust all over her, and her feet groggily dragging across the floor, and she almost falling in and out of consciousness.

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