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Raashi is having headache, he asks what happened. Rashi says there is pain in her head and she is used to drink tea in the morning. Sunita’s husband calls her for tea, she asks why is he shouting. Sunita asks why is he shouting, and tells Raashi she forgot, she will just get it. Raashi tell her not to worry much and there would be no wrong if she don’t take tea for one day. She asks Sunita to put ginger and tulsi as well, she stops her again and says Maher also needs a cup of it. She stops Sunita once again and smells a burning bread. Sunita hurries to the kitchen.

Pratibha practices in the washroom mirror to talk to the principal. She says she asked Peehu to take her Chachi ( aunt ), as Chachi is also like a mother to Pihu. She gets worried that how can Peehu get confused, it isn’t right. She practices again, saying she wasn’t well and couldn’t come to school. She asked Peehu to take her Chachi along, and says this is right. She makes up her hair, and gets ready to leave. A lady comes behind her. Peehu is nervous in front of the principal. The lady who happen to be the principle asks what is the name of her daughter. Pratibha says she wasn’t well yesterday, the principal asks how is she now. Pratibha says she is fine now. The principal asks what does she want to say. Pratibha says she couldn’t come to the school yesterday. The principles says only a few parents are responsible to come next day if they are unable to attend the PTM. Pratibha says her husband always come to PTM, but he was busy and couldn’t come yesterday. The principal hears intently. Pratibha tries to lie to the school principal, but because of her conscience she confesses everything that the truth is that she didn’t know about her PTM. She thinks she won’t be able to handle her PTM, she felt a bit of guilt so she brought her Chachi as her mother. The principal says she is happy that she didn’t lie to her. Pratibha heads to leave, but the principle asks her to keep sitting. The peon comes to asks the teacher and Peehu to her office. Peehu is worried in front of her friends.

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