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Pratibha comes out of her room ready to go. Raashi asks Mahen if he thinks she can talk something there, she is as afraid as going to her in-laws for the first time. Mahen says she has shown Peehu the wrong way, she has to manage. Mahen’s brother says she isn’t as uncourageous, but Raashi says she isn’t even courageous. Sunita announces that the auto is here, her husband wish Pratibha all the best.

Shalu comes and ask Sunita/Sunidhi to do cooking. At school, Peehu goes to her friends while Pratibha keeps on calling her. Peehu’s teacher comes to her, and asks who the lady is. She goes to meet Pratibha, the teacher comes to Pratibha and asks who is she, and if she is a relative of Peehu. Pratibha can’t say a word when the school bell rings and the teacher goes taking the children to their classes. Pratibha runs behind Peehu to the stairs, Peehu asks her to leave her hand as everyone is watching her and that she know she can’t do anything. Pratibha assures her that she will handle it all, Peehu says okay that she should do it herself and that she is going. Peehu runs to the class, Pratibha comes downstairs worried.

Sunita have tears in her eyes as she cut onion. The pressure cooker steams at once, the milk boils at the same time and she see it as a horrible morning for her, as all the bread was burnt. Back in Pihu’s school, Pratibha stand watching the children go inside. She asks a peon where the principal office is. He points at it, she asks him how is the mood of the principle. The peon says she is really strict. Sunidhi/Sunita’s husband, Mahen asks Sunidhi to help in kitchen and tells her that she should handle all the house work and make breakfast in Pratibha’s place as he says he can’t cook as well, like her. She gives him a stare and asks him to leave.

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