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Suket tells Akshat in the morning that Arpita’s parents are coming for the first time today. He is staying home and Akshat can also. But Akshat says he has to go to office, Suket talks about some files. Akshat says he will call Raj to bring them, but Savri says driver can also get the files. Suket tells her that Raj knows about them, and asks if she have a problem. She says she has no problem but Avni focuses on Raj more than Samarth when he is here. He is a friend and age fellows but Avni and Samarth doesn’t get to talk to each other when he is around. Suket says he understands what she is trying to say, he will tell him to stay in office.

The car pulls out outside. Arpita goes to greet her parents outside. Savri comes there and greets them too. As they were to come inside she says she wants to talk to them, she says she knows her husband is in debt of them and she also knows that Kavita also did not sell her Banglow to her because Arpita told her to. She wants them to know when they will return their money. Her dad interrupts saying he wants her to convince Pratab to take the papers back because they are family now. Savri says they will get the money back, but after returning the debt. She has the money ready and they can count it. Arpita’s mother asks what she is talking about. Arpita’s father agrees saying he will tell his manager to bring the papers home. She further says she wants this to remain between them. Arpita’s dad assures her. She invites them inside. Inside they greet everyone. Samarth comes downstairs. Bauji introduces them to Samarth, he touches their feet. Arpita’s mother recognizes him from his serials. Savri immediately tells them that Sam is an intelligent guy. Avni also comes and greets them. Bhavna asks if they are leaving right now. Avni tells them that Samarth wants her to show him the city, but they won’t go now. Savri and Arpita’s parents tells them not to disturb their plan because of them. Samarth asks Suket for permission, he agrees.

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