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Savri Bua comes to Raj’s house and tells Madhuri she came to meet him and is in a hurry. Madhuri tells Raj that Savri is here. Raj comes downstairs asking why she comes here. She says else he would have come here. He apologize to her if he did anything wrong. Savri tells him that she is worried for Avni and people are talking about him and Avni’s affair. She asks him to stop coming to their place as people will assume that he and Avni are in a relationship and to stay away from her, as it can affect her proposal.

Raj disagrees that he can’t leave his friendship to Avni only because someone feels insecure. He asks if Samarth feels insecure about Avni? Savri scolds him that she doesn’t want to listen to anything about their son in-law to be. She tells him to stay away from Avni as she and Samarth needs to know each other. He apologizes to Sanvri and has a small argument with that he can’t leave Avni’s friendship only because people are talking about them who finally only warns him against coming to their home and that if there comes any problem between Avni and Samarth’s proposal, no one will be worse than her. She leaves. Raj is worried when Madhuri comes and asks what happened. He tells her that he got an electric shock, so Avni cared for him. Madhuri says they are right. Raj asks his sister what she is saying. She tells him that he should take care of what Savri is saying as she is elder. Raj says he loves her and can’t leave her be it rumours, Savri or Sam, he won’t lose hope. He says he will change his ways and will go as for office work but will continue working.

Bhavna tells Avni in kitchen that she has to focus on Samarth. She tells her that Samarth is used to taking green tea at night. Avni takes the green tea to Samarth’s room who is talking on phone. He thanks her. She says she should thank him the way he appreciated her father and Akshat in his interview and tells him she liked his interview. She tells him to take the green tea, as he has it she makes face. She asks how he drink it, as it is so bitter. He says it is good for health like a karela. She tells him she hates karela as well. She is about to go, Samarth says she talked to him for long today. Avni seems to have started enjoying Samarth’s company and says until she knows someone she can’t get mixed with people. He then tells her that to know each other, they have to talk. He suggests they should go on a long-drive to increase this know how. She even decides to go on a long drive all around Jaipur with him and says she has no problem but has to take permission from her mother. He says it’s okay. Avni wish him good night and is about to leave. He calls her name. She asks if he wants something. He says he wants her to stand quietly for a minute and takes a photo of her from his mobile. He tells her he have no photo of her, and asks if she dislike it. She says no and smiles. He sees her picture after she leaves and smiles too.

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