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Avni and Raj were in the hall, while Avni is eating cake. raj cleans cake on her face. She says she wants Samarth to take the last bite of the cake, Avni says she is angry with him but he did what he said. She says Suket have never talked to Abhay so nicely, non had Abhay given him such respect before. She says he is so charming. Raj agrees he is charming, but most girls might have fallen for him. She asks if could have a girlfriend. He says he has an idea about it.

Raj and Avni try to know if Samarth had any girl friends earlier. Samarth comes, and Raj suggests to play Truth and Dare. Raj, Avni and Samarth engage in a game of truth and dare. The first turn comes to Avni, Raj says he knows Samarth will ask if she has a boyfriend. Samarth abides by him. Avni says Raj is her boyfriend. They were both shocked, Avni tells them that he is the only boy she talks to and is also her friend so he is her boyfriend. Samarth says Raj would have got worried about it, but Raj thinks he will get it true someday. Next turn comes to Raj, he chooses Dare, Samarth tells him to tell them something that will leave them both speechless, Raj gets hold of Avni’s hand and asks her never to marry Samarth. Avni and Samarth both were shocked at Raj’s seriousness, Samarth asks what? He tells Raj that he betrayed him and calling Raj his friend. He will never forgive him and begins to leave. He turns around and laughs hard, Avni also laughs.

Samarth’s turn comes, Avni asks as if he have any girl friend, he says this is a repeated questions; Avni asks him to explains if he ever fall for any colleague and they use this as a means to find out if Samarth had any girlfriends as Samarth says he has four girlfriends. When Samarth finally begins to narrate his story about his past girlfriends Avni gets upset and says he should have told her before about them and walks away to sleep. Raj tells Samarth that he should have told her, but he says this is not very important in his eyes; still he will go to her to apologize. Raj says it’s late and he should not explain anything to Avni. After Samarth goes to sleep, he turns to God saying he knows he is doing wrong but everything is fair in love and war.

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