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At Trisha’s room, the guard comes in Trisha’s room, saying that a gift has come for her, and they don’t know what’s in it. She locks the door, and opens it to find a photo frame as a gift, a lifesize portrait of herself, and likes it instantly, but then finds a button asking to Press Here, and when she does, the whole framne lits on fire. She is shocked and gets scared when it starts burning. She immediately calls the guard. The guard says that some small child came to give this for her. She asks him to take down the name of the sender next time.

In the night, while Trisha’s door is locked, meanwhile someone enters Trisha’s room again in the night, while Trisha is fast asleep. He comes by her bed and places his hand on hers, just slight inches away and then fake caresses her face while blackens her face. She gets up, and switches on the lights, she gets scared as she sees black ink smeared on her face, but doesn’t find anyone. She wonders what’s happening and if she was dreaming. She carefully locks the door back again. She sees her reflection in the mirror and is shocked to find her face, smeared with black Ink. She is horrified and distraught. She breaks down crying.

On the road, much to everyone’s surprise, Samrat stops the car, as they drive home, midway, and asks them that they should have lunch first. Urmi wonders how can he think of food in such a state. His father too says that he isn’t interested to eat. All are tensed. Samrat says that the food is so good, that they can have it, and then begin to worry again. Urmi says that she doesn’t feel like eating at all, and that they can eat at home. Samrat says that they should eat something first, as she hasn’t eaten much in the last few hours. He points out that her own family didn’t even serve them water and that those who have left shouldn’t be mourned, and that they should eat rather. He again starts taunting her in the name of her family’s callous behaviour, saying that he knows how to take care of his wife and child, as that’s his priority. Shashi too agrees with Samrat on this. They will go resignedly along with Samrat inside the restaurant.

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