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All the witnesses come one by one and speak against Amrit. Samrat does not believe the evidences and feels that the witnesses have been purchased by Urmi. He defiantly asks who are these people. Urmi stands upto him, saying that the lie can be sold, but the truth can’t be, and if he still doubts her, then she can expose Amrit more layer by layer. Samrat is stunned at Urmi’s defiance and anger, as she contineus saying that lie would always leave a mark behind, as it moves ahead. She asks for Trisha’s phone and when she gives it,

Urmi searches through it, and says that she wasn’t but he was after her. Urmi makes Samrat and others listen to a voice-mail which Amrit had sent to Trisha clearly stated that Amrit professed his love for Trisha, and how he had been romancing her, saying that he wants to just be with her. Samrat is speechless as he now understands that the game is up for Amrit. He too now agrees that Amrit is wrong while Amrit in the recording continues to use words of endearment like jaanu and darling for Trisha. Aditi breaks into tears, while Amrit is shocked and stunned into silence. Urmi asks if he doesn’t recognise the voice too. Urmi says that Trisha was silent just to save the family’s respect at the cost of her own, but she wouldn’t have allowed it, as an innocent can’t be placed guilty and Trisha is innocent compleetly. Samrat is in a helpless rage. Urmi asks him who should apologise to whom now. Samrat eyes them all, as they all stand tensed. Devi asks Urmi to let be, and lay down the matter. Samrat breaks into a rage saying that this person would have to apologise, pointing to Amrit, much to Trisha’s and others tension. He throws Amrit in front of Trisha to apologise.

Amrit, finding no other option, folds his hand in front of her, and apologises, while Aditi breaks into tears as she hears him say that he wronged her and asks for forgiveness. Samrat is in a rage, that his plan didn’t work against Trisha. Saroj composes Trisha. Aditi goes into her room crying. Urmi rushes after her to console her, while Shashi and Samrat are tensed. Devi asks for being excused, while Samrat’s father asks for an apology, even if they don’t deserve one. Devi asks him not to talk like that, while Samrat is furious at the way tables turned. Devi takes Saroj and Trisha away, while Amrit eyes her evilly. Trisha turns around, while Samrat is fuming with rage. Amrit stands with his head hung low. Diwaker and Kanchan too disperse.

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