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Doctor informs Pragya that Abhi is no more and died before he was taken to hospital. He asks ward boy to fill the form and mention brought dead on arrival. Pragya is extremely horrified and shattered with the news and looks at Abhi. Banjar Hai Sab Banjar Hai song plays in the background. She recalls Abhi making her wear chunari, their marriage etc. a flashback is shown when the journey of their marriage began while the song continues to play.

The ward boy brings white bed sheet and covers on him. Pragya says no, and asks doctor to recheck him again and do something to save her husband as she doesn’t want to believe that Abhi is dead but the doctor says they have checked him and he is dead. Pragya says he is just unconscious and will be fine if he treat him. She touches his face and asks him to wake up and talk to her again, just like before. She can’t wait any longer. Doctor asks other Doctor to come. Pragya pleads and begs with doctor to give shock therapy to revive Abhi’s heart. Doctor says he is dead, and she can’t understand. Pragya says he can’t die and asks him to treat him. Doctor tells her they are doctor, and not God. Pragya says she have felt his heart beat. Doctor says they also have to see other patients.

Pragya folds her hands and asks him to try to revive him once. Doctor again checks and declares that there is no pulse and heartbeat, and they are sorry at her loss. On the other hand, Daadi, who leaves for the hospital asks Mitali to drive fast. Mitali asks her not to worry. Daadi sees Om in the car about to slip. She says it is a bad sign. Mitali assures her that nothing will happen. Nurse brings injection. Doctor says he is dead, and asks Pragya to complete all the formalities and paper work. Pragya tries her best and tries all the effort to wake Abhi asking him to wake up, and that he is a liar. She says he have promised to be with her, then how can he go. She won’t let him go. She was fighting with everyone, and she know he will not leave her and asks him not to do this and cries. She is very much scared, not to joke with her and to please open his eyes. She tells that she has applied kumkum and worn mangalsutra necklace after many days, which will not let him go. Doctor says case is closed. Dr. Jatin says this is not a case, but a life of someone and they have to respect her emotions. Pragya asks Abhi to get up. Nurse asks her to calm down.

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