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Suket comes home in a hurry. Raj gets happy that Suket has finally come. Samart touches his feet. Suket tells him he is surprised that he comes so quickly and asks if he leave his work? Samart says he has brought his work along, as his office runs mostly on internet and mobile services. And more importantly he have to come to vote as elections are near. Suket ask that he really think one vote will matter? He says that drops of water collect to form a sea. They should all vote to get the real competent government.

Suket offers him to sit and tells him he never have any interest in politics but his younger son Abhay is only interested in politics. Samart urges him to support his son. Raj gets happier at this. Suket changes his position in the chair; Samart says that there are few people who think about the country’s success. Suket agrees him with him, Raj is disappointed. Samart first impression on the family is good. Savri calls Avni’s name, they all look at her coming from the door holding the tray of tea. She comes to him and tries to manage holding it properly. Samart sees this, takes the tray and gives everyone their cup. Bhavna tells Avni to be careful but Samart says that he also has to be careful otherwise his clothes will again get ruined.

Avni excuses herself and runs upstairs. They all watch her leave. Samart offers the tea to Raj but he says he just came to drop the files and is now leaving. Samart says he will also leave now. Suket asks where is he going to which he replied that his room is booked in the hotel. Savri objects how he can leave like this. Raj urges him to go to hotel as he will be more comfortable here. He begins to leave, Suket stops him and asks Samart to stay at their place, he will like this; and ask if he needs anything. Samart tells him he need permission to talk to Avni alone. Raj thinks that Suket will reject this Mumbai resident about talking to Avni alone, but he agrees saying he trusts him. Raj gets cough.

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