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At Samrat’s residence, while Urmi thinks that she would have to change Samrat’s behaviour towards Aditi, anyhow today, after remembering Aditi’s plight. Urmi gets her mother’s call. Saroj asks about Trisha from Urmi. Urmi is shocked and asks how does she know. Saroj tells them everything.

Urmi gets shocked when she finds out about Samrat going to her house and tells her mother that Trisha can’t do anything like this. Saroj says that she had an instinctively feeling that Trisha wasn’t wrong. Urmi says that she won’t let Trisha’s efforts go in vain. Urmi tells that she won’t let Trisha be punsihed for the crime that she didn’t commit. She says that the person who has committed the mistake would be punished. Saroj is tensed.

At Amrit’s residence, while Amrit is watching a match with his friend, and tells about his wife having left him. While they are discussing this, he is shocked to find Samrat at his doorstep. He instantly changes his tone, and pretends to be very sad that his wife is gone. His friend leaves. Samrat eyes him sternly. He says that he had thought that he would never step in this hosue, but the relation changed everything. Amrit says that he wasn’t betraying Aditi, but that he wanted to take revenge on Trisha, hence did this, and tells him about Trisha’s slap. Samrat comes up to him while he is tensed, about Samrat’s reaction, after he apologised profusely for this botch up.

Samrat grabs hold of Amrit by the collar, in an angry rage. Amrit is tensed. Amrit swears to Samrat that he would never even think of betraying Aditi and that he just wanted to take revenge from Trisha. Samrat glares at him and is happy with him. He raises his hand to lovingly slap him, while giving an amused grin, that confuses Amrit. Samrat says that he won’t him over now, as he says that Amrit has devised a wonderful way to take a revenge on Trisha. Amrit says that he wanted to hurt Trisha emotionally, hence did so. Samrat says that he did a wonderful job, and says that such girls deserve this only. Amrit is happy that his plan worked and Samrat fell prey to his trap. Amrit seizing his moment, says that he lost Aditi in this wake, and that he hurt her badly. Samrat says that he would talk to her and advise her and that she would come back. Amrit asks her to let be, as it’s good that she stay there, as the luxuries that she is used to, he won’t be able to give her here, as he doesn’t deserve anything. Samrat amusingly says that he knows what Amrit is capable of. Amrit is conufsed what’s going on in Samrat’s mind.

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